IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON PAID SEARCH ADVERTISING has recently released an article about the changes to industry benchmarks for paid advertising (PPC) performance during the global pandemic. As the world changed priorities, so did advertising standards. Experts have seen a rebound in ad performance starting in April, and they estimate that it has recovered to 89% of the expected results by industry before the pandemic. found, of the 21 industries that they reviewed, that there were varying results. Eight sectors saw improved PPC outcomes during the pandemic. They are the following list:

Beauty and Personal Care
Hobbies and Leisure
Arts and Entertainment
Computer and Electronics
Occasions and Gifts
Real Estate

You can see from the chart that real estate marketers have kept their cost per click low while increasing their conversion rates!

Ten of the 21 industries had mixed results. Some sectors that continued their paid search advertising, like restaurants, saw low costs and good click-through rates, but suffered with limitations such as reduced hours and dine-in access. The industries that saw mixed results were:

Food and Groceries
Dining and Nightlife
Home and Garden
Sports and Fitness
Legal and Government
Business and Industrial
Jobs and Education also identified three industries that saw a decline in results with their PPC efforts during COVID-19 thus far. The sectors were:

Internet and Telecom
Family and Community
Travel and Tourism

Internet and telecom surprisingly saw a 30% decrease in their conversion rates. Even though it’s an essential service, many customers are maintaining or reducing costs instead of looking for upgrades or changes. It makes sense in the current world environment, however the numbers are not showing any rebounding trends yet.

If you currently use PPC in your marketing strategy, we recommend reading this article in detail to help support your efforts and adjust your benchmarks accordingly. is an excellent resource for online paid advertising trends and strategies. We encourage you to dig in further if you are managing a PPC campaign for your company!

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