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A website is like a house and SEO builds the roads that lead people there. But how? To help a website rank in the top 10 for a keyword, you have to understand how people think. To do that, you start with intensive keyword research. This is where you will begin to understand the terms people use to find your products or business online. Once you have found the right keywords, you will need the technical skills to implement and optimize those keywords in your website structure.


Keyword Research & Understanding Human Behavior

The most important part of any affordable SEO services is keyword research. You have to know what words or phrases your potential users are searching before you can optimize your website. To find the best keywords, you also have to know your target market. This is where understanding human behavior comes in handy. Ranking for a keyword is pointless if you are not reaching your target market.

It is also important to choose keywords that have search volume but aren’t so overused that your website has zero chance of ranking in the top 10. Our team has access to specialized keyword research tools that can help us identify what keywords will work for your business. Our knowledge combined with these tools can help us find the best keywords for various industries, locations, and target markets.

Content Optimization & Consulting

Once you have selected your keywords, you need to optimize your content. This is accomplished through proper keyword placement and density. Your content must also be readable, which involves scoring it for ease of reading, excessive passive voice, transition wording, and numerous other variables. As with the keyword research, we have special tools (and experience) that help us with this task.

Woodchuck Arts can also help you determine what content you may need to create to win a spot in the top 10 for selected keywords. Additionally, we can help you write it. One way we accomplish this is by finding what keywords or phrases your competitors are using and how they are performing. The goal is to find holes in their SEO strategy that you can fill.

Structure Optimization

Optimizing your website is also a key component in SEO. Your site and its code need to be Google friendly. We will make sure that your site includes the necessary meta tags, SEO titles, alt tags, and keyword headers. Additionally, we will ensure your site speed and code quality are Google approved, which is key to achieving better rankings. Woodchuck Arts will also verify that the proper links are in place since they also play a significant role in your search rankings.

SEO is the key to getting your content discovered and Woodchuck Arts offers the development and implementation of affordable SEO strategies! We can construct a successful SEO campaign to optimize your site and attract the right visitors.

Initial Implementation—Average cost is around $900 (varies, dependent on site size)
Monthly SEO Management (monitoring and making any needed changes)—Average cost is $350-$900/mo. (varies, dependent on site size)
SEO Hourly Rate – $95


The incredible thing about the internet is that we can work anywhere! Woodchuck Arts is geo-located in Newark, Ohio; Caledonia, MI; and Toledo, OH. We serve clients from Seattle, Washington, to Washington D.C.

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