To work in marketing and design you have to maintain communication and trust with your clients, and you have to possess artistic and technical skills. Not only are these traits keys to success, but there are a few other pieces to developing a design team that is great at what they do!

Problem Solving

Every project is a unique experience. You never know what is going to pop-up so you have to be ready. Technology is great, but it rarely functions without issues. We are proud of our ability to find solutions for issues that come our way.


We believe in transparency. That is why you will find our prices right on our website! We are open with our clients so they know exactly where their project stands and how much it will cost. There are no surprise bills or unknown costs when you work with our team.


When you work with us you might be surprised to find that we are just as excited (if not more) about developing your website, creating your graphics or streamlining your social media. Our passion for branding, technology, and design is what sets us apart from our competitors. Even if this is not your forte, we think this process should be fun and with Woodchuck, it is!

Design Ability

Our owners come from a long line of artists who made a living in the fine arts. You could say it’s in their DNA! How fortunate to be born with an eye for art and design as well as an eye for great people! So, it is not surprising that when adding to the Woodchuck team, they chose another great designer whose aesthetic is both fun and timeless!

Attention to Detail

How many design companies do you know that come with their own Glitter Roadie? Well, Woodchuck does! While our design team loves to go ‘big picture, big ideas,’ Woodchuck’s Content Developer digs into the details behind it all. There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t need a project to ‘sparkle’ and that’s where our Glitter Roadie shines. With a great passion for life’s details, our Content Developer rounds out an enthusiastic Woodchuck Arts team.


The incredible thing about the internet is that we can work anywhere! Woodchuck Arts is geo-located in Newark, Ohio; Caledonia, MI; and Toledo, OH. We serve clients from Seattle, Washington, to Washington D.C.

Email Heather at heather@woodchuckarts.com or call 724-281-0559
Email Erin at erin@woodchuckarts.com or call 616-528-2747

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