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Your website is the foundation of your online presence.

Woodchuck Arts provides website design and development services to help you create and maintain your web presence. As web developers, we know how critical your online persona is to your business.

Google has around 3.8 million users per day. If you do not have a website or your website does not reflect the quality of your business, you are losing potential customers. Google search is the #1 way that consumers find a business and when they find it, your website needs to give a good first impression. Your site needs to look great and provide an ideal user experience to meet all of your online business goals. Professional website developers like Woodchuck have the experience and knowledge to do just that! Woodchuck also offers social media and SEO services to compliment and grow your web traffic.

The look and feel of your website are what will initially grab visitors. Color scheme, information flow, and quality web artwork are important factors that we take into consideration. What really makes any website have an extra “punch” is great graphics, photographs, and imagery! Adding some custom artwork to your website can be a great way to give your current website a fresh look or improve your social media presence.

How much is a custom website?

All businesses have different needs when working with website developers so we offer custom pricing. However, we like to be transparent with our prices. You can take the base website price below and then add on any extra to approximate how much your website will cost. If you would like a free estimate with no pressure to purchase, contact us!


All sites will be responsive (mobile friendly)
Any RSS, email marketing, and social media buttons/links.
Contact form
Custom background
Custom header
WordPress Platform
Pass Google Speed Tests
Have Google Analytics installed


Pages—$50 each. Each page includes one stock photo.
Image Slider—with two custom slides – $100
Additional Slides—$50
eCommerce – Initial Installation—$1000, which includes up to 5 products. (Includes basic shipping, taxes, and payment portal setup.)
Additional eCommerce Products—$25 (per product, does not include variations.)
Specialty Page Animation—Starting at $500
Gallery—Pricing will depend on the type of gallery and number of images.
Forms—Starting at $150.
Web Content Consulting—$75/hour

Select Website Features in More Detail


Forms are how you gather information from users on your website. They can be anything from a simple contact form to a complicated job application form. Forms are often overlooked in web design, but they are very important. Any form you create needs to collect all of the information you seek as well as create a good impression. For example, if you ask illogical, inappropriate or unnecessary questions, your credibility could be damaged. We can help you create forms with questions that make the information you are seeking very clear to whomever it applies.


A photo gallery is a great way to visually show off your business. People generally have a stronger reaction to images and they can often provide a clearer picture than words. (Hence the expression, a picture is worth 1,000 words.) If you choose to create an image gallery, make sure you have high- quality images. Another benefit of a photo gallery is that it can help with search engine optimization. We can name the titles and tags on your photographs in a way that will help search engines such as Google find you more easily.

Website Content Consulting

Deciding what content to place on your website is one of the most difficult parts of the web development process. If you get stuck, we will be more than happy to help you. We can help you decide what to put on your website to get your message to your target audience. Content is also the most important part of search engine optimization. Your content must be written with your keywords in mind for the best chance of your customers finding your website. If you need help writing or editing, we can help with that too. Great content gives your clients the best impression possible.


E-Commerce (short for electronic commerce) is what you use to sell from your website. Whether products or services, we can help set up a safe and effective way for your customers to be able to purchase online. Woodchuck Arts will help you with all aspects of selling online such as ordering, shipping, and tax.

Image Slider

Many people like to include an image slider on their website. It’s a good way to add a focal point to your homepage. Three to five slides is a good number to include, depending on your goal. A small number of slides that can highlight a few of your best products, sales or images are really all you need to get your point across. Potential customers are most likely not going to be spending too much time on your homepage, so you don’t want to waste your time on too many slides. The homepage needs to be designed to grab attention, but also to help direct your users to the information they are seeking quickly.

Here are some examples of homepage sliders:

Stock Photos

Great pictures make great websites. The web is a fickle place and you have about 6 seconds to make a good impression. You can’t do that without high-quality photographs. If you don’t have a photographer to provide the images for your website, stock photographs are a great option. There are many websites that sell high-quality photographs on just about every subject you can imagine. We are happy to provide one for each page of your website and help you find any additional stock photos your site requires. If you prefer to hire a professional photographer for your website, we will be happy to recommend one.

Your story, Our design skills! 


The incredible thing about the internet is that we can work anywhere! Woodchuck Arts is geo-located in Newark, Ohio; Caledonia, MI; and Toledo, OH. We serve clients from Seattle, Washington, to Washington D.C.

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