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Google Business Website Profile Shutting Down - a person on a laptop, with a window ope on google.com

Say Goodbye to this Google Business Profile Feature

Say Goodbye to this Google Business Profile FeatureWhat is the Google Business Profile Website?Google Business Websites (a previously free website builder, linked in with with your Google Business Profile) are going to be shut down. You can find Google's page about...

Free Ways to Transcribe Videos header

Free Ways to Transcribe Videos

Three Free Ways to Transcribe VideosThe Transcription PipelineWe’ve already gone over reasons why you should be transcribing your videos, such as adding it to your website for an SEO boost. So this week we're going to talk about some tools to make your transcribing...

A laptop open with video editing software on it

Why You Should Transcribe your Videos

Why You Should Transcribe Your VideosThe Video DifferenceVideos can offer a huge boost to time spent on page, amount of content on page, and SEO. But there are certain ways to get more boost out of adding videos to your website. For one you should transcribe your...

What is a Domain Name

What is a Domain Name?If your Website is your House, your Domain Name is your AddressFor example, our online address is woodchuckarts.com. When building your home online, you will have to purchase and register an address. There’s a lot of info that goes into...

Using Stock Media

Using stock mediaStock ≠ BadWe often find there is a perception that using stock photos is generally a negative in print & web design. In reality however, stock media is just another part of the designer's toolkit! Stock media is very cost effective and...

Making Designs for Print

Making Design for Print

Making designs for printDigital to physicalWhen you're creating designs for a business, keeping consistency between their online and offline look is essential. Just because a design looks great on the screen doesn't necessarily mean it'll be prepared for print...

How to Create Contrast

How to Create ContrastYour #1 Design ToolIn order to get dynamic & eye-catching designs, wether for web design, logo design, or print layouts, contrast and contrasting colors is your best friend! Having sections defined by contrast helps the reader take in all...

Client Spotlight: Hope is Here with Stowe Mission!

Client Spotlight: Hope is Here with Stowe Mission!One of our recent projects was for Stowe Mission, a well-equipped community resource center in Columbus, Ohio! This site has a dual purpose, while it needed to be easy to use for the community, having a professional...

Font Guide

An Introduction to Fonts

An Introduction to FontsA Starting GuideWe have already gone over how essential your font choice is to defining your brand.Now let's learn some basic terminology to help talk about fonts, so you can feel confident talking with your designers about your needs! We'll...

Cheap Advertising

Three Cost Effective Advertising Platforms

Three Cost Effective Advertising PlatformsGetting Your Business Out ThereDigital advertising is a great way to quickly & cheaply reach new audiences! When looking at new ad spaces, it can be a little hard to decide which ones to go with. There are so many...

What do You Need to Brand Your Business

What do you Need to Brand your BusinessLet's Talk BrandingRecognizability is what gives a company a definitive "brand". Building this recognition takes not only providing a unique product or service, but also an effort to keep how your business presents themself...

What is Copywriting?

What is Copywriting?What Writing Should you Send your Designer?As designers we mostly work on the visuals for our projects, creating webpages, advertising layouts, and logos. But sometimes we also write and edit the text going into our client's projects- so let's...

When to Use Canva

When to use canvaCanva: The Designers newset toolThere is no doubt in anyone's mind that Canva has quickly become an industry standard for social media, marketing, and print based designs. The easy to use graphic design application is great for beginners and...

2023 Design Trends

2023 DESIGN TRENDSNew Year, New BrandingWelcome into 2023 everyone! The designer's toolset has been filled with new developments and old favorites this past year. While trends come and go at lightning speed these days, we're excited to jump into the new year with a...

Hard No to Custom WordPress Themes

This Wednesday, I will be talking about WordPress website safety at Nework Space, and it’s motivated me to share WordPress safety tips! There are many things to share on that topic, but today I will explain why you should use a well-known WordPress theme and avoid custom-built themes.


Client spotlight: Greatdogs

One of my favorite things about owning Woodchuck Arts is getting to meet and know so many cool people doing unique things. One of the most inspiring people I have met is Jenni Lough Watson of Greatdogs and Service Dog Aware™.

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