Why you should transcribe your videos

The video difference

Videos can offer a huge boost to time spent on page, amount of content on page, and SEO. But there are certain ways to get more boost out of adding videos to your website.

For one you should transcribe your video. Transcribing is the process of writing out the audio of a piece of media. This can offer a few boosts, so let’s get into some tips for adding videos to your webpage!

Even more Extra Content

One aspect of boosting your SEO is making sure your webpage has enough content (headers, body text, images) on it for the search engine to understand what the page is about. Inside your webpage text, you’ll put keywords. Having more text shows a search engine how to index your page, what searches it should show up for, and more.

A video’s audio wont be scanned, so by transcribing your video, you’ll have even more content that can be scanned. This makes your webpage seem even more reputable, and can lead to a better search rank!

Keeping your Website Accessible

There are many reasons a person might not be able to watch a video. Your customer may be deaf, and need the video subtitled or transcribed. Or they could have a difficult time processing audio withought subtitles! While videos are a great way to deliver content- they don’t work for everyone.

So by providing a transcript, not only are you making your website more accessible, you’re providing an alternative way to access the information. If someone is looking for specific information, they won’t need to sit through a whole video to get it!

A Natural SEO Boost

Videos are a natural SEO boost for your site for a few reasons.

The “Video” itself is a high value item for SEO, and its thumbnail can appear on the side next to your search result, as a “rich snippet” about the page. You may often find that some of the top search results include a small thumbnail next to them.

Additionally videos keep your audience on the page for longer- this leads to a higher return rate. Time spent on a page doesn’t directly impact SEO, but it does help your business regardless.

To Host or Not to Host

When deciding on how to get a video on your page, you may wonder if it’s better to host it yourself, or to link your uploaded video through youtube.

Hosting your video gives your ultimate control on formatting, quality, and honestly, can look more professional. This also can lead to slower page loading times though, as it will be hosted on your own server.

Youtube will allow you to boost SEO by linking out to another page, and offers the potential of being discovered on Youtube’s platform. Additionally, they take care of formating for each viewer.

Whatever way you decide to put a video up- it depends on what your business values more.


Make sure you’re keeping in mind best practices to get the most out of your videos! Just like any media uploaded to your site, by taking a bit of time to optimize, tag, and transcribe your videos, you’ll be repaid with a great SEO boost. Now we know we should transcribe our videos- but how exactly do you easily transcribe a video? Well- we’ll talk about that next time.

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