Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Business be Using?

We all know the benefits of using social media to find potential customers, but each platform has different users & “rules” for engagement which can leave us all wondering how to post what to where. A dizzying combination of which tags work best on different platforms, figuring out how to size your images and video, or even deciding when the best time to post is.

Hopefully we can take a weight off of your shoulders by saying:

Not All Platforms are Created Equal!

Your business is unique- so is each platform and its user base. Therefore it really isn’t necessary to be on top of each social account you curate. Creating & posting quality content can be time consuming, so let’s narrow down where to market your business by briefly going over some of the most popular options.


Facebook is the most used platform, great for general posting & Ad posts. The platform can be utilized in other ways though, acting as a website & blog for many businesses to directly update their clients.


Facebook has the largest user-base, guaranteeing you’ll find your target audience. The platform also has a built in house advertising system, making creating AD posts a breeze.


Facebook’s user-base is not growing as fast as their competitors (newer platforms like Tiktok). Their in house advertising can also be expensive, compared to being naturally boosted by the social media algorithm.


Instagram is a primarily mobile based platform, widely used by younger clientele. Each post requires image or video media with it, preferably square photos (1×1 ratio), or videos sized for mobile screens (9×16 ratio).


Instagram implements an in-app shopping system & marketplace, perfect for easily buying and selling product. There is also no AD payment needed to be boosted by the algorithm- it’s easy to find and share new content with their explore feature.


Unfortunately Instagram is generally switching to boosting mobile video content more to compete with Tiktok, making image posts less effective. Additionally a posting schedule is generally suggested to boost chances of being seen by the algorithm.


Linkedin is utilized mainly as a B2B (Business to Business) Hub, to find and collaborate with other professionals.
Casual customers would rather check your website or less formal page to learn more about your products and brand personality. However keeping this updated with professional posts can help other companies vet your business.


Having a well populated Linkedin shows credibility to potential business partners. It can also be a great platform to find and attract potential co-workers.


On the downside, in-house advertising is not as well implemented as in other platforms. There are also not as many active users.


Twitter is a mobile social media app used to give quick updates, and publicly talk with other businesses & customers.
The character limit on each post makes this platform best for short announcements, and publicly answered questions.


You can easily find and personally talk with potential customers through hashtag searches (ex; a meal prep service looking through #kitchenfails).


Due to user & post volume, constant posting needed to cut through the flood. Twitter’s future is also slightly up in the air, with many Twitter employees and users┬áleaving after its recent acquisition.


Finally the newest social media juggernaut; Tiktok is a perfect place for targeting Millennial and Gen Z audiences.
Posting videos here is great for showing your brand’s personality- but be prepared. Because Tiktok is a video-only platform, you’ll need some footage, audio, and editing skills.


Tiktok is the fastest growing social media app, setting trends for the rest of the internet. They also implement a great algorithm, which naturally boosts content to many users!


Unfortunately because it is a video only platform, it can take longer to make posts. Additionally the platform is mainly used by younger audiences, with less variety than other platforms.

So… Which Should You Use?

Unfortunately we would love to give a straight answer on this one… but every business is different! Think about how your business operates, how you want to be found, and who your customers are. If you are selling product, and are able to produce video content, then Instagram & Tiktok are perfect platforms! But if you work mainly B2B- then using Linkedin for business information, and Twitter for publicity may be the most logical choice for you.


Keeping your business’s socials updated is a must- with whatever you decide to use! Posting can be a strategy of working with the algorithm… There are certain tricks to getting more engagement, such as picking the right hashtags, and posting when your audience is online. But most of all, focus on making quality posts! You never know when potential customers are looking at your page, so it’s always worth it to put your best foot forward now.

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