What is Copywriting?

What Writing Should you Send your Designer?

As designers we mostly work on the visuals for our projects, creating webpages, advertising layouts, and logos. But sometimes we also write and edit the text going into our client’s projects- so let’s talk a little bit about copywriting and what might need to know.

“Copy” is so common it’s almost hard to find a spot on the internet where you can’t see some trace of it- so let’s make sure your business is making the best of yours!

So What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting produces “copy”, which are written pieces used for advertising and promotional materials. Generally the text is a “call to action” of sorts, suggesting the reader buy something, try a product, or leading them to do something.

Copy is mostly written out, used in print materials like magazines, or put on websites. But it can also be spoken too, like for advertisements, on the news, or over the radio.

When you’re preparing copy for your advertisement or webpage, think about what call to action you want to focus on.

Check out a few common examples below:

Copy vs. Content Writing

Copywriting is specifically to drive a sale, or lead the audience to do something.
This can include materials like product pages, websites, and advertisements.

Content writing on the other hand generally is informative, and can drives sales by teaching the audience more about a product or related information. Usually content writing is made of longer pieces of writing.
This includes blog posts, newsletters, and infographics.

There is a lot of overlap between the two types of writing though- both pieces of writing can be used in tandem. For example a travel agency could write an informational blog post about a particular destination, then at the end switch to a call to action to have the reader purchase one of the agency’s packages for said destination.

Wording is Key!

Both Content & Copywriting are concerned with Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of using popular keywords to make search engines more likely to pick up on your website. So you have to make your words count!

At Woodchuck we work on SEO for our clients through keyword research and some copyediting, but it’s never a bad idea to keep this step in mind while you’re writing.


Our customers sometimes wonder what writing they should provide their designers, specifically worrying over if they would be able to fit all of the information onto their website. Usually when we’re working on webpages, ads, or newsletters- we build the actual design around the copy that needs to be on the material.

So in short… If you think it is important for your brand & product, leave it in! It’s always better to start with more info and then cut down if needed.

Finally… copy comes in different forms, many types are already set in stone, like the read more button. But for your business if you have a style of writing or speech you want to emulate in your branding, it’s best to either hire a copywriter, write your own copy, or bring it up to your designer! We’re always open to copyediting, especially when it’s to make sure our work meets your vision.

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