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Create it and forget it?

Once you have gone through all the work of building a quality website, you can breathe a quick sigh of relief, but you can’t stop there! It might feel like your mission is accomplished, but it just isn’t so! In the same way a house always has projects, a website is never really done either. It is always evolving and changing. Serving as a website maintenance company, Woodchuck Arts offers various options to fit your website maintenance needs.

It is crucial to maintain your website and keep your content relevant and current. You need to perform regular updates to ensure the functionality of your site is maintained. Additionally, It is very common to require updates to things like personnel, products, pricing, or structure on a website.


Website maintenance is an ongoing task. You have to make sure updates are completed, that links and images are working as they should, and the site is being monitored, preferably with a website maintenance company that has the knowledge to address any issues. Much like cars, websites require regular maintenance to maintain their function and security. As part of a maintenance package, we will make sure your website is updated as needed. Woodchuck Arts will keep everything running smoothly and keep you safe from hackers. In addition, there are times when a necessary update will cause something on your website to lose function. If you are covered under a maintenance package, we will fix any problems that an update creates. We will also perform regular backups, delete spam comments and perform quarterly browser checks to make sure that your site still looks great and functions on all mobile devices.

Website maintenance plans that work for you!

Keeping your website updated and fresh will help your business come up in searches and keep your business credible. We know as a business owner you are busy and probably don’t have any extra time to make changes and additions to your website. Let our team make the changes you need monthly, weekly, or as often as you like! Plus, any basic changes will be completed promptly and with accuracy. When it comes to more complicated changes, we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement on a completion timeframe.

Since website maintenance is anything that will change or add to your site, the type of maintenance we can provide depends on how far technology and your imagination are able to go! That being said, here are a few of the more common website updates:

Text and Images—Changing or adding text and images to add freshness and make sure the content is accurate.
Functionality—Adding things such as maps, image galleries, forms, etc.
Update Style Elements—Updating colors, font sizes, adding texture, etc.
Announcements—Creating graphics for any sales, specific products or any other aspect of your business that you would like to highlight.
Broken Links—Few things will turn a potential customer off more than clicking on a link and having it take them to the land of nowhere. We would be happy to make link checking part of your regular maintenance plan.
WordPress Updates—Woodchuck Arts uses the WordPress platform for website development. WordPress continually grows and improves its structure and code.

Every website is different and we are here to accommodate that. Our website maintenance plans are custom, but the average monthly plan is $100 to $500 per month. The advantage of purchasing a maintenance plan is that you will receive faster support at a discounted rate. Contact us if you would like to discuss custom monthly website maintenance plans for your business.

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