Three Cost Effective Advertising Platforms

Getting Your Business Out There

Digital advertising is a great way to quickly & cheaply reach new audiences!

When looking at new ad spaces, it can be a little hard to decide which ones to go with. There are so many different advertising platforms to try out, from Youtube to Facebook. When in doubt of which ones to pick, it can also be handy to try setting aside a small budget and testing out multiple platforms!

But today let’s narrow down your list by going over some of the easiest & most cost effective digital ad tools and advertising platforms there are.

Google Paid Search

Google Ads offers a Paid Search option, boosting your webpage to the top of their search results in a small ad section.

The process involves selecting keywords for your business. If you were a haberdashery you might use the keywords “men’s suits”, “men’s clothing store”, or “men’s dress shoes”.

Keywords are priced differently based on how searched they words are, and how much interest other businesses have. Your price per keywords will vary, as other businesses might also be bidding to use the keywords.

General Cost

Google Ads is the most expensive marketing platform on this list, but is also the best direct way to get customers to your site. Because your customers are naturally looking for your product, you’ve already done the work to meet your audience!

Google additionally charges you only when customers click on your website, drawing the money out of an overall budget you set up.

Starting Daily Budget Range: $10-$100

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads come in many forms! Because Facebook has many different facets, you can easily place varying ads in different parts of their site. These include ads directly in Facebook’s feed, Search, within Facebook messenger, & more!

Your ads also aren’t limited in aspect, you can find options to put in videos & photos in both mobile and standard formats.

In order to get the most out of these ads, you’ll need to select your target audience within Facebook’s system. Choose options from categories like age, gender, location, or custom audience categories!

General Cost

With Facebook, the cost is decided on how many people see & interact with your ad. You can keep this cost lower by only advertising to your target audience!

Additionally you can set your budget as a daily budget, or your lifetime budget over a period of days.

Starting Daily Budget Range: $1-$50

Instagram Boost

Instagram’s Boost feature is the easiest ad platform on this list to reach new audiences.

You select one or more of your already made instagram posts, stories, or reels, and pay for them to show up on feeds as ads! If you’re running a smaller business with less time to make advertisements, this can be a perfect way to easily set up ads.

General Cost

Use your Budget similarly to Facebook, as a “Cost per Click”, taking our of your budget only when people click your links.

And don’t forget to set your demographics to make the most of your advertising budget!

Starting Daily Budget Range: $0.50-$50

Start Small, Grow as You Can!

Digital advertising doesn’t need to cost a fortune! These are just a few ways you can cheaply & easily set up ads on common online advertising platforms.

With each of these great tools the platform also tracks how effective your advertisements are within their webspace, so you can look at the data and adjust as needed!

So if you haven’t set up ads in any of these places just yet, try setting a small budget aside and testing them out. Just remember like we’ve gone over in our which social media platforms should your business use newsletter, different platforms have different demographics, so take into account your target audience’s preferences!

Good luck, & happy advertising!

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