Smith + Miller Gift Co. Website Redesign

Wix Website Refresh

Smith + Miller Gift Co. offers a unique, thoughtful, and easy way to spread kindness with their gift-giving experience! We were thrilled when we got to help them with a website redesign using Wix. We typically use WordPress to design our websites, so this was a new experience, but one we really enjoyed for two reasons. #1. Alison and Danielle are the nicest people ever and working with them is pure joy. #2. Wix was surprisingly great! It is not as easy to customize as WordPress, but it does offer simple templates that even a layperson can make look nice.

Alison and Danielle have an elegant and minimal style, which we discovered when we helped them with a corporate catalog, postcards, and a few other print items! Our goal was to bring that vibe to the website with a well spaced black and white layout. The simplicity of the design also allows the real stars to shine, the gifts!

Check out Smith + Miller to discover, share, and enjoy local Ohio!


The incredible thing about the internet is that we can work anywhere! Woodchuck Arts is geo-located in Newark, Ohio.

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