IO Solutions Website

Industrial Organizational Solutions Website Development

The team at IOS came to us with a specific need for an updated e-Commerce website that demonstrated efficiency and a highly-updated user experience. This complex and multi-faceted site required:

  • Integration of the client’s complex cloud-based business management software with the new website, including syncing customer, product and order information to WooCommerce.
  • Researched and supported the implementation of a syncing system to deliver real-time updates from the website to and from their business management software.
  • Updating product design and content in the current management system to improve display on WooCommerce
  • Customized product purchasing options, including variations, customizations of stock behavior and product download behaviors.
  • Coupon code integration for the group and individual use.
  • Reconfiguration of internal product organization into categories based on product behavior and supply to ensure better deliver online and in-house for over 80 products.
  • Login options with restricted access pages for over 33,000 users.
  • Custom mega menu with layered navigation
  • Section scroll effects for easy user navigation
  • Extensive copy creation and editing for SEO optimization
  • Keyword research and SEO strategy development
  • A custom entry form for detailed navigation, tailored to each user’s needs
  • Implemented advanced search functions
  • Resolved ongoing internal shipping discrepancies through a shipping process review in conjunction with installing the new shipping functions.
  • Customization of product bundles for package sales online.
  • Intensive consulting services to redesign the website with a user-friendly delivery that accommodates multiple types of customers.
  • Streamlined multiple websites into one new highly functioning website that delivers all the customers needs in one location to help ease of use and search engine optimization.
  • Created custom account pages for IOS client use.
  • Continuing to develop and manage the ongoing SEO strategy and site maintenance.
  • Created custom icon graphics for visual appeal, navigation, and brand consistency.

Woodchuck is honored to continue with support services for IOS to aide in their mission of helping public service find the individuals who will protect your community.


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