D’Versified Sports Inc. Website

D’Versified Sports Inc. Website

We are fortunate to work with Zane Sandum from DSI on a logo and new website for his business. Zane envisioned a very clean and simple design that showcased his products and services. In addition to a clean design, we also integrated the following into the site:

  • Delivered a process to deal with drop shipping products from various manufacturers that creates a cost-effective and streamlined process both internally and for the end user
  • Calculated and implemented shipping costs by state for specific product manufacturers
  • Integrated automatic tax calculations on products in the cart
  • Integrated a secure online payment portal with QuickBooks and Intuit
  • Add and scribe to email option
  • Implemented call to actions on the website, including click to call, email, and purchasing options.
  • Implemented coupon functions for regular product or category sales
  • Implemented over 500+ products and variations
  • Created a half down payment system
  • Added a product subscription system for ongoing product purchasing, payment, and delivery
  • Added an option for users to post used equipment sales

Our design services continue monthly for Zane through image design, construction, and delivery of his email campaigns. Spotlighting monthly sales and specials, his emails campaigns have an exceptionally high open and interaction rate, regularly averaging over 40%. That is 24% higher than the industry average! With custom graphics and design guidance, D’Versified Sports continues to further engagement and sales with its client base.


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