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The Gopher - $599

This beautifully designed template is an excellent option for any brochure website. You’ll love the elegant layout and modern curves. Your website visitors are sure to be impressed with this well-rounded design. Click to view a live demo! 

The Muskrat - $599

This is a wonderful option for clubs and non-profits, but is flexible for many other applications. This demo features add-on service options including a protected membership page, online registration with payment options and an event calendar. Click to view a live demo!

The Beaver - $599

Your customers will be ready to dig in to this restaurant specific template design. The site also features a gorgeous menu layout with additional scrolling navigation. The enticing large background images will make your customers hungry for more. Click to view a live demo! 

The Marmot - $599

Stun your fellowship with a radiant new website design customized for churches. Whether you are looking to post a sermon or receive online donations, this template has your needs covered. If you love this design, it can work for business as well!  Click to view a live demo! 

The Prairie Dog - $599

Showcase your dogs in style with this template designed for dog breeders. Hopeful families can learn about new litters and important information before bringing their new puppy home. Click to view a live demo! 

Ready to take Action?

We know you’ll love your new site and we are ready to help you get started! Contact our team to set up your new template designed website today. We know you’ll be glad you did!

ADD-ON Services:

We know images can be hard to find. We offer stock image packages so that you can display high quality images on your new site! You are welcome to choose either of our image package options or you may provide your own at no additional charge. 
$5 per image or $40 for 10 images – You will receive access to stock images to select your image.

$150 – We will find all the images and purchase them.

$100 – Add a custom form with conditional logic to your website. Additional costs may apply depending on the length and complexity of the form.

$100 – Integrate your podcast with your website! (Does not include podcast set-up.)

Call for a free estimate.


$150 – Add a membership registration form with payment options to your site 

$150 – Have an exclusive information on your site only visible to members after login. 

$5 per item or $40 for 10 – Add additional food menu items to your new restaurant website.

$100 – Integrate your email marketing service (ie MailChimp) with your website to directly add new subscribers to your list!

$50 – Add a beautiful calendar to your website to display your upcoming events. We will add your first two events as well!

$150 per year – Website hosting with your friends at Woodchuck Arts. (does not include the cost of your domain)



  • The template design of your choice.
  • Development time to add in your content and images. Image resizing and guidance about image selection. Follow the template packet for design specific instructions.
  • This means you will select the images and we will give you feedback about whether and where the images will work or not. When the final images are selected we will resize them for optimal display and speed.
  • Each site will be limited to the number of pages on the template that you chose. If you wish to add pages or change out sections, there will be an additional charge for development time (see hourly rates).


  • Once we receive your 50% down payment, we will begin setup on your site. You will have up to 14 days to provide your content and images to us through Dropbox. Your Dropbox will include a subfolder for each page where you can add corresponding images.
  • We will provide a suggested copy length and copy placement for each page. You will complete an online form where you will submit your copy.
  • Once we receive your form with copy (form includes color picker and font choices) and your images, we will develop the rest of the site and send you the final proof for approval within 4 business days. You will be given one round of revisions that are due within 7 business day of receiving the proof. Revisions are limited to image, color, font, and text changes only. If you would like additional customizations to the template, that is available for an additional charge. We will return one round of revisions to you within 2 business days. Additional revisions on your template are then available for an additional charge.
  • Your template will be created on a staging site. Once your final site is approved, we will move it to your hosting and live domain. If you choose not to host your site with us, there will be an additional fee starting at $50 to move your final site to your hosting provider.
  • We provide managed hosting service for $150 per year (not including the cost of your domain). We provide regular site checks to make sure that your site is healthy! If you site goes down, we will work to repair the issue so you don’t have to.
  • If you choose to back out of the site at any given time, you will receive an invoice for hours worked.

We are happy to accommodate revisions and customizations at any time at our hourly rate. If you would like these services, we will work with you to provide an estimate for your specific needs.

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Quality Design at Affordable Pricing

We know there are a lot of options for new website development. Cheap or even free website builders can seem like a good and affordable option. However, the long-term results could pose functionality, flexibility and usability issues, which directly impacts your brand. That’s why Woodchuck Arts is now offering Pre-Designed Website Templates. These templates combine the benefits of inexpensive, fast delivery website builders and custom designed websites together. Now you can have it all! 

Pre-Designed Website Template Services:

Woodchuck Arts has created beautiful, pre-made website templates with professional design elements that allow you to customize color, fonts and images. We provide word count parameters to help facilitate your content creation. We also offer editing services, image selection, purchasing capabilities and enhanced design changes for additional fees. Many of the designs have been customized with specific needs in mind, but they can also work for almost any website need. We are happy to help you find the right design layout for your project. Still not convinced? We’ve outlined a few more benefits below!


Long term costs

If you are paying a monthly fee for your website, you will end up paying more in the long run than you would if you worked with a professional developer! When you utilize our templates, you will own the website. It will be on a domain you own and hosted on a server of your choosing.

Time and Support

The benefit to utilizing one of our templates is the personal and professional support we can provide. We have the expertise to select quality and appropriate imagery. We can provide assistance to fine-tune content and to aide in any design pieces that require a little more skill. The amount of time you can save by utilizing a template design with Woodchuck is immeasurable!


There are some very cool looking templates out there, but when inexperienced users try to implement ill sized pictures and misplaced text into the templates, the end result can end in a mess! There are so many nuances to strategically placed imagery, text and design. That’s where our expertise can help you bring the final product to life!


User experience (UX) is another critical piece to creating a quality website. Confusing navigation and poorly placed information can quickly frustrate visitors, which can result in them leaving your site. Working with professionals who have a solid understanding of UX will help create a more fluid experience for your users. This often leads to people spending more time on your site and ultimately to more calls, donations or sales.  


The incredible thing about the internet is that we can work anywhere! Woodchuck Arts is geo-located in Newark, Ohio, Caledonia, MI and Toledo, OH. We serve clients from Seattle, Washington, to Washington D.C.

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