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We were lucky to meet Linda, owner of Cyber Technologies at Innovate New Albany, one of our favorite organizations. Petra specializes in cybersecurity professional services, and they have a team of senior-level experts with decades of experience. After a class we gave on design and branding, Linda hired us to help her with a new website and set of brand standards. This is still one of the designs we are most proud of!

Website Design and Development




Petra Cyber-Technologies already had a logo, but we helped them create new brand standards. Petra works with many government entities, so when we came up with the color palette, we wanted to do a play on red, white, and blue but with a modern twist. Adding the bright yellow-green is striking with the blues and adds an unexpected element to an otherwise conservative industry.

For the header font, we chose Titillium Web. Its shape gives a tech vibe, but its broad and bold lettering gives it a friendly and approachable feel. We want users to know that Petra Cyber Technologies is fun and easy to work with but also highly experienced at keeping your files safe.


WordPress Website Design - See it Live!

We created custom icons and imagery for this website by taking stock photos and icons and altering the lines, colors, and any other needed elements. The icons and images we created for the website we were able to carry throughout the print material. We love this clean and vibrant website with its subtle animations!


Website Hosting

We offer website hosting through A2. We provide frequent updates and ensure the server is safe from hackers and is running efficiently.

Graphic Design

Once we created the website, we also got the opportunity to create a brochure and capabilities sheet with the new brand standards. We created these documents in Word so the Petra Cyber Security team could easily edit the text when needed. 

Graphic Design Projects

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Canine Daycare

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