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Website Design and Development

The coaching profession is growing as a helpful tool in a world that can often be difficult to navigate. At Woodchuck Arts, we were lucky to have met Dr. Tracie Walser of InBloom Holistic Coaching. We connected through another great client, coach Nurse Keith, who recommended us when Dr. Walser was looking for someone to build her website. Meeting Tracie when Woodchuck was going through a significant transition seemed almost meant to be. As a client, she is pure joy, and a reminder of why we love helping people design websites. She is a fantastic transition coach, and we are happy to help get the word out about her.

This website aims to provide information to potential clients needing transition coaching. Dr. Tracie already had a good base of content that she felt her clients needed in order to determine if they were interested in working with her. Together we chose the layout for the content so that her users would have a smooth experience.

InBloom Holistic Coaching already had a great logo that gave us a starting point for choosing website colors, fonts, animation, and imagery. The nature-inspired look is perfect for Dr. Tracie’s holistic approach to coaching.



WordPress Website Design - See it Live!

Website Updates

The website is designed to make it easy for the client to edit, and they take care of most of the updates. If website help is needed, we provide fast updating of any changes and we bill to the minute.

Website Hosting

We offer managed website hosting through A2. We provide frequent updates and ensure the server is safe from hackers and runs efficiently.

Graphic Design

At Woodchuck Arts, we have a team of graphic designers so we can easily alter any images without a third party to make them work for the website. Using these skills we were able to take elements of her logo and sprinkle them throughout the website. We also altered a stock photo to make it more authentic to Tracie’s brand. 

Featured Project

InBloom Linkedin Banner

Having a professional presence was essential for Dr. Walser, as she would be networking and talking with new clients through Linkedin, as the main B2B social platform. Working with Tracie, we worked through a few rounds of proofs using various branded assets and logos, before settling on the sleek and professional graphic seen above.

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Canine Daycare
Canine Daycare
Canine Daycare

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