We’ve all seen the commercials -you may have even seen those (inappropriate and controversial) ads during the Superbowl, which set GoDaddy back $5.5 million for a fleeting 30 seconds of airtime. Or maybe you caught a glimpse of the logo as you channel surfed past a Nascar race.
Odds are pretty good you’ve seen something somewhere from GoDaddy, it’s hard to escape- and if you don’t know any better, GoDaddy almost seems too good to be true.
Let’s talk about why that $3 website, is actually more than you could have ever bargained for.  

Our Top Four Reasons


GoDaddy hosts about 5,000,000 websites or about 30% of the websites in existence, they are, without a doubt, the largest host in the world. As you can imagine, numbers like this tend to bog down the system. GoDaddy is famous for overloading the servers, leading to slow load times and a poor user experience. And oftentimes, the load on the server is so big, the servers go down altogether.


We’ve all heard that saying “you get what you pay for”, and in the case of GoDaddy, this could not be truer. GoDaddy lures people in with the promise of a $2.99 website with a promo code, but those prices are just for the first year. The renewal fee, however, tends to be astronomical- the average fee is around $168 a year, and GoDaddy charges for things you’ll get for free (the most basic of landing page customizations, SSL certificates, and WhoIs privacy) on other websites.

  • $27.98/yr. for Domain Privacy
  • $17.99/yr. for Domain Name Privacy (for .com)


  • $19.98/yr. for
  • $9.99/month for “Website Builder” ($119.88/yr.)
  • But beware, these prices change almost every year.

For the service GoDaddy provides, this price is almost unconscionable. And should you choose not to renew your domain, GoDaddy will sell it to the highest bidder, ensuring you are no longer the owner of your domain.


With a typical domain host, it’s almost as if you “rent” your domain. You pay that fee each year to renew your “lease”, simply buying your domain for another year, and should you choose not to renew, it simply falls back into a pool of eligible domains. That is not how GoDaddy operates.

Should your lease lapse for any reason with GoDaddy, they become the owners of your domain. Unless of course, you’re willing to hand over a fortune, because otherwise, you can say goodbye to your domain forever.


In March of 2020, GoDaddy was hit with a data breach, leaving the credentials of over 28,000 accounts compromised. In November of 2020, it was revealed that GoDaddy employees had become victims to fraudsters who had redirected cryptocurrency emails. These breaches are just the tip of the iceberg for GoDaddy.

Hosting with GoDaddy is best described as a costly mistake, and quite frankly $3 for your first year is $3 too much for the inevitable headache that comes with hosting on GoDaddy.

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