Three Free Ways to Transcribe Videos

The Transcription Pipeline

We’ve already gone over reasons why you should be transcribing your videos, such as adding it to your website for an SEO boost. So this week we’re going to talk about some tools to make your transcribing easier.

Firstly here’s some universal tips for working with any of these software. Transcription tools are generally accurate, but even computers need their work looked over. Always Proofread the copy by reading or using text to speech to listen to the written audio. Edit away any formatting and grammar errors, such as odd paragraph breaks, absent commas, and more.

With that out of the way- here’s three FREE ways to transcribe video and audio!

Youtube Studios

When uploading your video to Youtube, the platform will automatically generate captions. These captions, when copied, will provide a full transcription for your video. If you are planning on having Youtube host your business’s video, this is the simplest way to get a transcript!

However prepare for edits- Youtube’s captions are known to be anywhere to 60%-70% accurate.

How to Use

  1. Upload your video
  2. Go to Youtube Studios
  3. Select your video in “Subtitles”
  4. Click “Duplicate & Edit”
  5. Copy & Edit transcript as needed!
Youtube Video

Mac Dictation

At Woodchuck we’re firmly planted in the Apple ecosystem, so what better tool to use than Mac’s built-in dictation tool. While this tool requires a few steps- there’s no need to upload your video to another service, unlike with our other two options.

How to Use

  1. Turn on Dictation by going to System Preferences > Keyboard > Dictation
  2. Enable Dictation Shortcut (Press Control Key Twice)
  3. Set Microphone to Mac’s Mic
  4. Open Writing Software of Choice
  5. Press Dictation Shortcut (Press Control Key Twice)
  6. Play Audio over Mac Speakers (This will allow the Microphone to capture the audio)
  7. Pause & Edit as Needed
Mac Dictation


Dropbox’s transcription tool is the easiest to use on our list. While writing this newsletter, we tested this tool with an audio sample, and within seconds got a transcription ready for post-processing. Dropbox itself has a free version- perfect for taking advantage of their transcriber!

How to Use

  1. Upload Video to Dropbox
  2. Select the “Transcribe” tab in the “Comments” area
  3. After Transcription is Completed, Select the three dot icon, and Click “Copy Transcript”
Dropbox Transcription


There are many paid and free softwares available on the marketplace, but consider these three free options as you start your transcription journey! While there will always be edits needed on the output, automatic transcription is a life saver when working with videos in web development.

Find this blog helpful? Have a favorite tool to add to the list? Reach out! We would love to hear from you.

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