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You Choose It, We Build It 🙂

One of the most common struggles businesses face with website development is limited choices. The current market options are:

  • Do you do it yourself with free website builders like WIX or Weebly? These options are very budget-friendly but often take a lot of time and frustration to get the site going. In the end, it may not look as professional as you’d like. 
  • Do you work with a developer that has a side hustle? You MIGHT get a professional site at a reasonable cost, but this is not their day job, and are you a priority long-term? Will you even get through the development process at all? 
  • Or do you work with an established company whose costs are often considerably higher and possibly beyond the scope of what you need?

And then this question became obvious: why are we making people choose? Why do clients have to make a sacrifice? We are entrepreneurs; we know there is always another way.

So, why can’t people get a professional, affordable, easy-to-use website from a reliable company with long-term support? The truth is they can. It just wasn’t being offered until now. That’s why we developed The Fast Lane Website, to give businesses a website development alternative where they don’t have to sacrifice cost, quality, time, frustration, or dependability. The Fast Lane service gets your online presence up and running so you can continue doing what you do best, growing your business!

Our Designs:

The Gopher - $1299

This beautifully designed template is an excellent option for any brochure website. You’ll love the elegant layout and modern curves. Your website visitors are sure to be impressed with this well-rounded design. Click to view a live demo! 

The Muskrat MEMBERSHIP SITE - $1499

This is a wonderful option for clubs and non-profits, but is flexible for many other applications. This demo features add-on service options including a protected membership page, online registration with payment options and an event calendar. Click to view a live demo!  

Click here to see a website that was created from this template! 

The Beaver - $1299

Your customers will be ready to dig in to this restaurant specific template design. The site also features a gorgeous menu layout with additional scrolling navigation. The enticing large background images will make your customers hungry for more. Click to view a live demo! 

The Marmot - $1299

Stun your fellowship with a radiant new website design customized for churches. Whether you are looking to post a sermon or receive online donations, this template has your needs covered. If you love this design, it can work for business as well!  Click to view a live demo! 

The Prairie Dog - $1299

Showcase your dogs in style with this template designed for dog breeders. Hopeful families can learn about new litters and important information before bringing their new puppy home. Click to view a live demo! 

The Squirrel - $1299

This template would be perfect for a hair salon or makeup artist. Of course, it could be used for anything that you would like! All colors, fonts and photographs can be changed to fit your business and brand.   Click to view a live demo! 

The Chipmunk - $1299

Calling all coaches! This site was made with you in mind. This beautiful design is great for any application.  Click to view a live demo! 

Ready to take Action?

We know you’ll love your new site and we are ready to help you get started! Contact our team to set up your new template designed website today. We know you’ll be glad you did!


    • Select a website design that best connects with your vision for your business.
    • Connect with the Woodchuck Arts Team about your development process.
    • Knock out your content and imagery with the easy-to-follow page-by-page content creation guide or work with our team in your weekly 30 min development consulting sessions. 
    • Let Woodchuck bring your vision together! In just 2-4 weeks, you will end up with a fully functioning, professional website and a lot fewer headaches!
    • The Fast Lane Website designs start at $1299. Everything you need for a great website is at this price, but we know everyone loves extras, so we offer add-on services too! We believe in transparency, so we have listed all the pricing below.

ADD-ON Services:

$100 – Add a custom form with conditional logic to your website. Additional costs may apply depending on the length and complexity of the form.

$100 – Integrate your email marketing service (ie MailChimp) with your website to directly add new subscribers to your list!

$100 – Integrate your podcast with your website! (Does not include podcast set-up.)

$250 per year – Website hosting with your friends at Woodchuck Arts. (does not include the cost of your domain)


$350 – Add a membership registration form with payment options to your site

$250 – Have an exclusive information on your site only visible to members after login. 

$5 per item or $40 for 10 – Add additional food menu items to your new restaurant website.

$175 – Add a beautiful calendar to your website to display your upcoming events. We will add your first two events as well!

Call for a free estimate.


We LOVE to chat with people about their business goals, so please don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you are not ready to take action. We understand that this process takes time, so just think of our team as your no pressure support guide for your website goals.   


Get access to our social media freebie portal! We have sized images for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter. You can brand any of these images for your business or use them for your personal social media platforms. This portal will always be available, and we will continually add fresh new content.

Samples below, and there are more in the image portal. 🙂

Canine Daycare
Canine Daycare
Canine Daycare

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