Client Spotlight: Hope is Here with Stowe Mission!

One of our recent projects was for Stowe Mission, a well-equipped community resource center in Columbus, Ohio! This site has a dual purpose, while it needed to be easy to use for the community, having a professional online presence is essential for securing grant & donor funding!

We were ready to take on that challenge, and are proud to provide a site that fulfills all of Stowe’s needs!

Responsive Web Design

One of the ways we chose to make this site stand out was the built in animations found throughout the site. This kind of animation is a part of “Responsive Web Design”, meaning building a site to change with user input! Responsive web design has become much more popular in the past decade as people are looking to drive innovation within their sites.

Using these designs in Stowe’s site was a surefire way to make the site look sleek, modern, and professional!

Updating to 2023

With how much information & resources were on the site, we knew the site would be used for years to come. So we chose to reference modern new web design trends to help Stowe’s site stand the test of time.

Specifically check out the dual headers, one side information & links, while the other shows off the subject of the page. This unique layout will be sure to stand out among the competition!

Quality Content = Easy Inregration

Stowe Mission came to us with both a wealth of quality images they already had taken when providing services, as well as a talented copywriter who wrote a lot of what is currently on the site!

It’s normal, even expected, to use some stock photography within sites- but with Stowe we were surprised to find we had to use hardly any stock! Making a site in tandem Stowe’s existing library of content was much more streamlined, as we could almost solely focus on the design of it, rather than what text or images could be put on it.


This site was a huge undertaking, Stowe had a large catalog of resources that needed to be featured, but because of this we’re positive the site will be well used in the years to come!

Take a look at their site for a wealth of resources, to get involved with volunteering, or if you are considering donating to the community resource center, all at the link below!

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Canine Daycare
Canine Daycare
Canine Daycare

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