Content creation can be one of the most cumbersome parts of marketing development, especially when writing something as comprehensive as a website. We often get questions on content development, and resoundingly, the most frequent one is,


“Where should I start?”

The best answer is to start with your story, and that begins on your About page. Your About page is a conversation with your reader that shares how you can help them. It should clarify your mission, your values, and your history for potential customers in a way that is relevant to their needs. Your content should follow your branding style and, above all, convey authenticity. The About page serves as a real connection point for your reader to establish if your business is a good fit for them. With this in mind, we have created a list of 6 steps to follow when developing your About page content!

1.Keep it Conversational

Try not to overthink this process – you know your story, and you know how you can benefit your customers. Approach About page writing like you are sitting at a coffee shop with a potential client. (Relax and breath in that fresh ground coffee smell…mmmm)

2.Tell Your Story For Them

Tell the story of how your service or product is uniquely qualified to solve the reader’s problem. People care about positive working relationships, but first, they need to know how you can meet their needs. The most effective About pages focus on “you” (the customer) instead of “I/We” (the business). The first section should be a fusion of the “why” (your value proposition) and your “what” (your mission statement). Although you are building content around traditional business elements in this section, don’t forget tip one! Place this information near the top of your page content, as it is the most relevant to your reader.

3. Include a Little History

Share some of your journey with your reader. Let them know who you are, what challenges you faced developing your company, and what led you to an “aha” moment that solves their problem. Describe how you came to identify your ideal client while being deeply authentic. Not every customer that reads your About page will be a good fit, and that is okay. It is better to be real and engage with customers that need your services delivered in your business style.

4. Add Your Values

A well-written background will naturally transition into your company values. Your values are the foundation of how you operate. Spend time getting down to the nitty-gritty of what matters in your business. Avoid listing values like honesty or integrity. Generic values are implied; no one hires people or businesses they find dishonest, so it doesn’t need to be said. Adding values will also inform your secondary audience, potential employees, about your company culture.

5.Back it Up

Nothing is more convincing to a reader than validation and recommendations from other customers. You’ve let people know what, why, and how you can help them; now, show how others agree! A glowing review, five-star rating, or a great client list goes a long way for potential clients.

6. Call and Connect

Finally, you should create a call to action and an opportunity to connect with readers (these items should be on every webpage). Connection points are often social media follow links, newsletter sign-ups, meeting scheduling, or contact forms. Your call to action may be a form of connection, but it might also be a defined action that you would like users to take.

Of course (as your favorite website and graphic designers), we cannot close this email without a plug for your page’s visual appeal. The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” still stands. Engaging your reader with great design is also impactful. Be thoughtful with your images and design elements on the page. Does your visual display best inform your customer and represent your brand as well as your writing? Your About page is often the deciding factor for potential clients, so invest time in both your visual and written presentations. If you’re interested in reviewing well-done About page examples, check out this article, “12 of the Best About Pages on the Internet” by

We hope this post leads you to a pleasant and productive content development experience. If you try our tips, we’d love to see your results! Please send us an email below to share. 🙂

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