4 Ways to Prepare for Your Event Registration


We recently created an event landing page for our client at Michigan Healthcare Freedom. This 30 day Walk/Run Challenge is a fantastic virtual event to support the mission of expanding healthcare freedom in Michigan. You can view the page through the screencast below or live at this link: mihealthfreedom.org/5k/.

Today, we’re happily sharing some time and money-saving functions to include on your next event landing page! But before we launch into the to-do list, it’s valuable to understand why landing pages are an essential tool for event registration. A well-executed landing page can result in soft and hard returns! Below are some of the benefits of creating a landing page to administrate your next event registration.

A well-planned landing page offers many benefits:

  • Saves time
  • Reduces administration costs
  • Efficiently organizes and retains registration information
  • Works 24/7, increasing accessibility (and possibly registrations!)
  • Connects to email marketing for event updates
  • Collects participant information for future promotions
  • Promotes your event sponsors

And now, the function…



Most of you will need to collect payment for your event, but if you only need to collect information, skip to step #2!

Your Prep:
Locate your payment information or choose a payment service provider. A few of the top online payment processing companies are Stripe, Paypal, and Authorize.net. Most companies require an API connection to your form or product for payment processing, typically found in your payment processing account settings. Find your needed information or at least the login to your service provider.


Using an online form is an elegant way to gather registration information. Some form builders (like Gravity Forms) can display entry fields (or not) based on user behavior. Adding this option allows each participant to have a customized registration experience based on their needs.

Your Prep:

In preparation, think through the process for your participants. For example, will they need to complete multiple registrations in one form? Are there options (like t-shirts in our MI Healthcare Freedom form) that they can include or decline? What information will you need to gather for internal purposes from each individual? Remember, the goal of your registration forms is to gather all the necessary information in the least amount of steps possible!


Automating your confirmations will save you considerable administration time. When the user completes your online registration, they need to feel secure that their information and payment were received. Create a Thank You page that displays for the user after the form submission. Your Thank You page is the perfect place to enhance user experience with handy tools like an add-to-calendar function and other opportunities to engage with your business or organization.

Your Prep:

During your planning process, create verbiage for a follow-up email. Be sure to include all the data from the form, and any event details your participants may need. If your organization is a non-profit, add a donation receipt for tax purposes. Your participants are only half of the confirmation planning process! Also, consider who should be notified of registration within your business and add an automated email to keep your internal process running smoothly.

Connect your online registration form to your email marketing provider account and create automated emails for your event. If you don’t have an email marketing service, some popular platforms are Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Hubspot. An integrated connection will add participants to your audience list. Generate an event-specific tag or segment in advance to send reminders and event updates to all participants in one fell swoop. Linking your email marketing account provides your business and your users with the added benefit of looping them in on future opportunities to engage!

Function #4 SET A SCHEDULE for the best function

While this isn’t a website function, it is critical for your event registration success! Establish your landing page development schedule early in your process. You should include time for creative development, copywriting, testing (including a soft launch with selected users), and ample time to promote your event (YAY!). If you follow these tips, your next event landing page is sure to be a hit!

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