New Year, New Branding

Welcome into 2023 everyone!

The designer’s toolset has been filled with new developments and old favorites this past year. While trends come and go at lightning speed these days, we’re excited to jump into the new year with a list of stylish new design trends to check out.

Here are our Top Design Trends for 2023

Take a look at how these styles work with our example: Naturalist Apothecary & Herbalism.
Think about how these styles could interact, or build off one another!

1. Vintage Typography

Designers are looking to the past for inspiration, coming up with unique fonts from midcentury to modern. We’re seeing more and more designers are choosing to go full retro in their designs, or mix and match an eye catching vintage header font with more modern body text.

Here we use Klemer Display- a psychedelic font inspired by the 60’s & 70’s.

2. Motion Graphics

The explosive popularity of video media from Tiktok & other social media juggernauts has led to a striking increase in the use of animated text & accent elements.
We see motion graphics added to websites, advertisements, and video openers- in an increasingly competitive design landscape, animation is a way for your branding to stand out.

Even something as simple as slight text animation and a few moving elements can make an eye catching graphic.

3. Hyper Saturation

The Y2K revival is here, bringing the 2000’s love of bright colors to the 2020’s elegant design sensibilities. While the vivid colors may have clashed a bit back in the early days of internet marketing, now with a little more digital experience, designers are once again returning to using saturated colors in beautiful combinations.

We’re especially excited to see designers changing industry color standards in new and innovative ways- pulling away from more matte and neutral palettes of the 2010’s.

4. Typography as Art

Increasingly we see advertisements as artistic expressions of a company- so the trend of using type both as information and as a design choice still looks to be dominating in 2023!

The main objective here is to make the text look like blocks of graphic design in their own right- to check for this, try squinting at your overall design. Then you can see how blocks of text can easily turn into shapes!

Try varying the spacing of your text, or changing the boldness of it to create different shades from densities.

5. Melding Image & Text

Photos and text are increasingly being melded together, with text wrapping around or accenting parts of a promotional image!
Not only is text now a graphic element itself, but it is seen side by side layered with images to give a sleek new look.

We’re especially excited to see designers changing industry color standards in new and innovative ways- pulling away from more matte and neutral palettes of the 2010’s.

Keep in mind how you photograph your product, and how you can layer text over or around a part to highlight your focus.

Overall… Advertising = Art

The biggest takeaway however is the clear rise in businesses seeing their advertising as an artistic outlet for their company!

In order to catch a customer’s eye in an increasingly competitive marketplace, branded graphic design is changing in new and unique ways to keep up with that demand.

And to be completely honest… we’re so excited to see how the industry continues to evolve this year!

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