The Best Tool for SEO

Optimizing and posting to your Google Business Profile should be your biggest SEO priority. It is free, and Google (who owns 92% of internet search) provides it. Your Google Business Profile listing will usually come up in a search, primarily local, often before your own website.
google business profile the best tool for seo

What types of businesses can have a Google Business Profile?

According to Google, “If your business either has a physical location that customers can visit, or travels to customers where they are, you can create a Business Profile on Google.”

What if, (like Woodchuck Arts), you have a service based business that you operate out of your home?

It might not be ideal to have your actual home address with a picture of your home like I do, although it has worked great, and no one has shown up on my doorstep. Instead, you can designate your service areas on your Google Business Profile and keep your physical address off.

Another good option is to join a co-working space, and then you can use their business address. For example, I will be adding to my locations because I now belong to Cultivate, which has locations in and around Columbus, and part if the benefit of membership is that I can use their addresses for my Google Business Profile location, which will help my local search.

Where is my Google Business Profile?

This is the login url if you have one:

If not, to get started, go here:

Now that you have your Google Business Profile, optimize your profile content and post to it like you would your social media! Stick to business content, more LinkedIn, less Facebook, and let us know if you need help. 🙂


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We believe that best tool for SEO is your Google Business Profile. It's free and comes from Google itself!