New Movements and Colors


We can talk about many upcoming 2022 trends, but we are sticking with colors and movement for this newsletter, which is already a bit lengthy. Please don’t be scared though, a lot of it is lovely imagery and hopefully worth a read!


We probably mentioned this last year, and if anything, this trend has gotten even more common. Subtle movement in social media posts and websites is a great way to add another layer of meaning and interest to your business communication. Below is a Happy New Year post that we animated – that of course you can use on your own social media! There are many ways to add this trend, and even adding it to your website might be much more cost-effective than you think. We are always happy to discuss if a new movement or trend would work for you!


Color is one of the first things we think of in trend’s, so let’s check out the Pantone color of the year. 

This is actually a gorgeous and uplifting color that initially didn’t seem to fit with current styles. But, then, it started to grow on us, and we found some images that show how beautiful it can be.

Very Peri does fit the time of year, and this image illustrates that perfectly. For some reason, purple and its many shades come to mind in January, maybe because it’s peaceful yet hopeful, reflecting the quiet season and new start to the year. (What color do you think of for Jan.? We would love to hear!)

This image is not peaceful, but it does illustrate how gorgeous this color looks with the contrasting yellow. We also don’t know why the fruit on brightly colored backgrounds is here or why we are falling for it, but it looks cool.

We thought a NYE image was appropriate. We also wanted to show how elegant this color can look surrounded by similar, simple colors.


We made these GIFs to be used for your social media and could not decide on a color, so we made all three. We think they look outstanding together as a color combination. 🙂


We are continuing to offer our free performance review to help you make the most of your marketing dollars. We can also discuss things like, “How I can incorporate movement in my marketing?” The consultation is an opportunity to talk over anything to help ensure that you get next year off to a great start, review your current strategy, and make a plan for 2022. Let’s dive into your analytics, talk about where you want to go, and discuss strategies to get there!

During this 60-minute consultation, we will:

    • Analyze your website analytics
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These metrics will help identify your strengths and opportunities to grow your online audience, ultimately increasing conversions.

And most important…Happy New Year!


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