Creating Custom Art from Stock Photos


Today we thought we’d show you how we built the Seabass Baseball logo! Our goal is to illustrate how you can combine existing images to create custom art for yourself or for your business. This logo is a great representation of the journey you take when creating digital art in all its forms.

Key Elements

This logo was such a fun project, conceptualized by our co-founder Heather’s 12-year-old son, Sebastian (who is lovingly referred to as “Seabass” by friends and family alike!)

Sebastian had a clear vision- he wanted to start a YouTube channel where he’d talk about his absolute favorite thing- baseball.

 1. Image Selection

Sebastian had a vision for his logo. Paying homage to his nickname -Seabass- and his love for all things Baseball were paramount in his logo concept.

We found images that aligned with his vision on From those images, we narrowed it down to these five. We chose images we thought worked well together and that we knew we could easily customize.

2. Color Choice

Finding the right colors was the natural next step in the process. Sebastian is a big fan of the Detroit Tigers, so their team colors were his first choice. We went directly to the source and grabbed the hex color codes, making sure we stayed as true to the Tigers colors as possible. We then added these colors to the images.

3. The Different Versions

Once the main image was created, we added background colors and different fonts to see which version Sebastian preferred.

4. The Final Version

In the end, Sebastian chose version #1. This iteration featured a subtle but playful script font with a fun ombré and a blue background. As a final touch, we included the Detroit logo on the baseball, a nod to his favorite team.

From there, we sized the finished version so we would have a logo that worked across all forms- Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Don’t Let the Process Intimidate You…

No matter how big or how small, creating custom art for your business can be incredibly intimidating- but don’t let it be! This process should be fun and creative. Enjoy it!

And if you want to take it to the next level, let’s create a GIF! We can usually create these in a 1/2 hour or less, making them cost effective. 🙂

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