Using QR Codes in Your Marketing Material


1. Direct Customers to a Landing Page

Perhaps one of the most common ways you’ll see QR Codes executed is to direct customers to a landing page. This method guarantees the client will not have to navigate the website to get to their page of choice. It’s also a quick and effective way to direct customers to a sign-up page!

2. Direct Customers to a Social Media Page

Adding a QR code that leads to your social media is a great way to direct a potential customer to your work/business. As an incentive, you could even offer a special promo code to customers who follow your social media pages via a QR Code! 

Recently, our Woodchuck Arts co-founder, Heather, added a QR Code to her business card that directs you to her LinkedIn page! A scanned QR code can also instantly add your contact information to a customer’s contact list.

3. Paperless Menus

With the rise of COVID, businesses like restaurants and coffee shops had to get creative. To cut down on tangible items people touch, they offer the option of scanning a QR Code, which directs them to the customer’s complete menu (be it via website or PDF.) This is also a great way to be more environmentally conscious and cut down on costs.

4. App Downloads

QR Codes are an easy and effective way to redirect customers to an app store so they can quickly download an app. This has recently become big with places like cafes and coffee shops. Some stores even offer an incentive to scan for points customers can redeem for a discount!

5. Share Your Business Location

Bad with directions? We have a solution for you! Linking your business location via QR Code is an effective way to accurately direct your customer to your physical location.

6. Shopping and E-Commerce

Recently, customers have had the opportunity to go paperless and have been accessing things like receipts via email in the form of a QR Code! QR Codes are also a great way to offer a promotion or discount to a customer. Who can resist a good bargain?

7. Send Communications

QR Codes are also a fantastic way to help customers directly connect with you. For example, a QRCode that signs a customer up for text promos, or a QR Code that automatically creates an email for them to send.

QR Codes are a wonderful option when it comes to marketing creatively. Have you ever used QR Codes in your marketing? If not, would you ever consider using them?

Let us know!


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