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Your website is your online home

It’s not just your house; it’s also your property, location, and belongings.

As in building a house, there is a lot of thought and several steps to building a website.

We hope our home analogy will help illustrate all of the different pieces that go into building a website and what they cost in time and money.

Your home (or website) address

Your domain name or URL is your website home address. Our online address is woodchuckarts.com. When building your home online, you do have to purchase your ‘street’ address, and there are variations in the cost of domains as in real-life property. We all know that an address in Manhattan costs a lot more than in the Midwest, much like some domains can cost millions, like lasvegas.com. That being said, 99% of the websites we have built have domain names that cost $14.99 per year.

One of the services we offer at Woodchuck Arts is domain management. We can purchase your domain for you and hold it (meaning you don’t need to keep track of a password!) until you no longer need it. For this service, we charge the cost of your domain, typically $14.99 per year.

The property the house sits on

In real life, you need land to put your house on. In online life, you need a server to hold your files. A server is required for your website to be visible on the web, and it must be a quality server for the health of your website. If your property or server isn’t solid and well protected, you will get hacked, which is a cost you don’t want to incur. A hack could cost you thousands of dollars to fix and possibly weeks of website downtime, and that is not an exaggeration.

We provide server management because we found that high server quality in building websites is vital. We keep our server safe because we have cleaned up hacks, and we prefer preventing them. We use an A2 VPS server with extra protection, and we update the core and plugin files of websites that we host bi-monthly. We typically charge $250 a year unless there is a unique situation that requires more resources. You may find technically cheaper hosting with a company like GoDaddy, but they do not update your website files or provide this guarantee – if you get hacked, it’s our problem, not yours.


Before we talk design, we need to talk structure. Even if your home resembles a quaint English cottage, the foundation and frame will be solid and built with the latest technology. Building your website right the first time will help keep your files safe (along with a healthy server) and give you a sturdy foundation to grow your online home as big as you wish.

To achieve this goal, we build our websites with WordPress, and you can read more about why here. Using WordPress, we have yet to find a limitation in website function and design.

Choosing your online home design

Families are unique and have different home needs, like businesses have different website needs. Some websites have hundreds of pages; some only require one. Our job is to collaborate with you to decide the best website layout, size, and style for you with our website design expertise and your business knowledge. With client participation, we can create websites with the right content for your goal that captures why you are different (and a better option!) than your competitors.


The process of collaborating is hard to measure in cost, but we will do our best! We build in time for several weekly or bi-weekly meetings, depending on your project. These conversations help us build you a custom well thought out website that will work for you. Meeting regularly also helps keep the project on time and budget. Maybe a % of website cost?

Talk about how flow, does it appear as a place your customer would like to go to get your product or service?

Can they get to where they need to go easily and effortlessly?

Each page much be thought through and there are some basic website design principals that will remain standard, but to truly get your website or landing page to perform the best it can for your biz, we need to work together to think through the pages and make sure they lead the customer to where they need to go.


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