Give your wand a quick wave and yell Alakazam!

Wait…was that magic? 

I hate to break it to you, but there’s no magic here.

It’s just Adobe’s new PDF Element Embed API

PDF Element Embed API is a new web service that allows you to unlock content structure and table data from any PDF document with machine learning. 

The possibilities of Element Embed API are almost endless and make the process easier than ever. It really is hard to believe it isn’t magic!

Key Elements

  • Accurate, Consistent PDF Rendering: Whether on dynamic or static pages, deliver the highest quality PDF rendering available
  • Customizable User Experience: Choose exactly how to display a PDF and use the callbacks and annotations APIs to provide programmatic control and enable digital collaboration.
  • Analytics On PDF Usage: Use analytics to understand how users interact with PDFs, including time spent on a page and searches.  

Features We Are Loving (and Think You Will, Too!

1. Embed Modes

Control how you embed PDFs, with support for full-sized windows, sized containers, in-line display, and lightboxes.

2. Annotations

Full support for import, create, delete, update, exporting of comments, and more; programmatically add, update, and delete annotations with the option to save; events can be triggered based on user actions.

3. PDF Analytics 

Easily integrate Adobe Analytics with only a few steps, or leverage the user events to push data to other analytics tools.

4. Collaboration

For multi-user document collaboration, identify reviewers by name or email address and save annotation settings through custom callbacks (default settings display GUEST as the reviewer’s name for all comments.)

5. Save Controls

Support auto-save to local drives or external storage, with options for frequency and polling, along with success/fail events capture; use file modification and status polling events for multi-user workflow.

6. Tool & Menu Options

Programmatically enable or disable the left-hand panel, comments pane, toolbars, print, and download options.

Available Integrations

Adobe Experience Manager: Experience Manager offers personalized,content-led experiences into the market faster with Adobe Experience Manager, which combines digital asset management with the power of a content management system.

Adobe Experience Manager customers can easily drag and drop a high-fidelity PDF viewer directly into web applications without the need for additional code or customizations. Includes pre-configurable settings for comments, printing, downloading, and integrated Adobe Analytics.

Adobe Analytics: Analytics gives versatile reporting, predictive intelligence, and so much more. You have the power to mix, match, and analyze data from anywhere in the customer journey.

Out-of-the-box Adobe Analytics integration allows customers to seamlessly enable rich analytics and gain insights into end-user experience and extend the functionality with chatbots or calls to action based on user interactions.

But Adobe is likely to expand its available integrations as the program becomes more widely available.

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