It all seems simple in theory when it comes to landing pages- more affiliates = more money, right?

But how?

Neil Patel is largely regarded as one of the single best marketers in the world. His landing pages have generated billions of dollars in revenue, he founded Crazy EggHello Bar, and KISSmetrics, which helps companies like Amazon, NBC, and Viacom grow their revenue (he’s the guy Jeff Bezos calls!).

The Four Basics

Before even reviewing someone’s site, Neil offers four tips- his most basic feedback and recommendations that he gives to absolutely everyone, regardless of what they are selling. 

  • Remove all options in the scrolling navigation other than the “apply” button
  • Make the text in large paragraphs easy to read
  • Reduce the footer navigation option
  • Add a call to action with each and every section (yes, really!)

So How Do I Double My Sales?

1. Engage Visitors First

Quiz them! Customized to every visitor, this is a much more personal interaction than simply saying “buy our product/service,” at the end of the quiz asking for their email “Please provide your name and email so we can send you your results!” instead of simply offering their results can lead to a massive jump in lead collections (as much as 108.3%!)

Engaging customers first means customers are actively putting in time (be it a quiz, a questionnaire, etc.) into your product, and they are far less likely to walk away when they have invested any real amount of time into your products. 

2. Don’t Forget to Use an Exit Pop-Up 

You’re considered lucky if 3 out of every 100 visitors buy your product or service right away- but this doesn’t mean they won’t come back. Collecting contact information from people who leave is a great way to generate more sales, and here’s why- by collecting their email addresses as they leave, you have the opportunity to remarket your product or service long after they’ve left you. This method has the single highest conversion rate for mobile users.

3. Use Geolocation Data

Use their geo IP to target and better tailor their experience on your website based on where they’ve been and where they are, and even where they’re going. Geo IP even provides you minute details, such as weather, to better target each individual in the most appropriate way. 

4. Add a Checkout Bump

As a rule, it’s easier to upsell than it is to generate new sales.

At the point of checkout, give the customer an opportunity to spring for a great deal- offer them a steep savings on a product or service they’re already buying or have been eyeing, this has the potential to increase sales by as much as 15%! This also gives you the opportunity to increase revenue for both you and your affiliates. Checkout bumps should be steep- always at a 50% minimum. People (myself included!) cannot resist a good deal!

5. Make it Hard For People To Buy (Yes, Really!)

I know, I know– that seems counterproductive. But trust me, make customers wait. Neil gives the example of the site InstantCheckmate. We’ve all heard about it, maybe you’ve given it a try. But this site keeps you waiting on bated breath, oftentimes throwing in a little scare tactic with each new page- Learning the truth about the history of your family and friends can be shocking, so please be cautious when using this tool.

Every screen seems to give you the promise that you’ll get your answer, but after going through more screens than you ever thought possible… they give you the option to input your payment method and select your plan, and you know what? It works! Again- they’ve put in that effort, they’ve devoted that time, and now they’re invested!

6. Copy Tweaks Have the Biggest Impact on Conversions

Eight out of 10 people will read your header. Only two out of every 10 will go on to read the actual landing page. That means you’re betting it all on the headline. So, what are the most powerful tweaks we can make to our landing pages?

  • Evoke curiosity
  • Make your headline match the content
  • Write in a conversational tone
  • Don’t be “too salesy,” it can actually hurt sales
  • Make the copy clear, dark, and easy to read
  • Go for a simpler landing page from a design standpoint, make sure they’re AMP friendly
  • Answer objections within the copy

All of these tweaks are a quick and easy but have the potential to (literally!) double your sales.

7. Evoke Fear

I know what you’re probably thinking at this point- have you lost your mind? You want me to scare my customer? …well, yes actually. Neil gives the example of a VPN site, they use the information provided by the IP address, feed that back to the customer, making them think their online presence has been compromised and therefore, they need this software. This fear dramatically increases the use of this free VPN tool. 

There is no doubt why Neil is the king of landing pages – his simple advice works! How could you apply these tips to your landing page? At a loss? We can help you!

Want to Watch for Yourself?

We’re all big fans of Neil Patel here at Woodchuck. His tactics are simple, and yet they’re crazy effective. If you’d like to watch the talk for yourself, you can catch it here!


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