Tracking Downloads On Google Analytics

Did you know that Google Analytics does not automatically track downloads from your website? If you are sharing documents, such as a PDF or an excel file, that are not traditional website pages, you will not see the data without adding code or a plugin.

You can track downloads automatically using four different methods. The options are:

Use Google Tag Manager: This is the best method, but it does require that you create an account and install Google Tag Manager in your site.

Use a plugin, such as Monster Insights: Best alternative to using Google Tag Manager.

Create an event in Google Analytics for each document you would like to track: Requires that you set up event tracking code within Google Analytics.

Add code to your documents directly: This works if you only have a few files, but it can be cumbersome if you have to set up extensive tracking.

You can learn about these options in more detail by watching the video below created by

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