Google Primer is a free mobile app that offers bite-sized lessons to help business owners and individuals grow their skills and reach their goals. The lessons cover a large variety of topics and are designed to take around 5 minutes. The app seems to have a course in everything. We found things like, How to Raise Money for Your Business, Small Business Budgeting, Tools and Tips for Increasing Sales, Tips for Writing a Resume that Stands Out, Work with Social Media Influencers to Sell More, Get Organized with a Digital Marketing Plan, and many, many more!

This is what you will see when you first go to the app. If you don’t know what specific subject you are looking for or what words to use to search yet, the app asks you questions that help guide you. However, if you know what you are looking for, you can skip all that and search through the lessons.

Once you start your search, course suggestions will be listed and ready for you to pick.

The lessons and layout are well designed and make it easy to learn. There are also different authors within the app to provide a more extensive breadth of experience and multiple points of view.

Each mini-course starts with three bullet points talking about what you will learn. Then you start learning! The simple design allows you to focus on the content, and the images keep it fun and friendly. All of the lessons will enable you to skip portions if you are not interested or already understand that section.

Each lesson has an interactive portion, which helps keep you interested. Below are some examples of what you might see.

At the end of the course, the app gives you an option for feedback and suggestions new courses you might be interested in.

This app is fantastic, and we are thrilled we found it! We hope you give it a try and it helps you!


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