Pivoting In Uncertain Times

In this rapidly changing environment, we understand that everyone is making adjustments, sacrifices, and changes to work and home routines. This kind of change can be stressful, but it can also be an opportunity for innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. It has also been a great time of generosity and collaboration.

Your Woodchuck team is working to learn more about how people are adapting and succeeding during this adjustment period. We’ve heard exciting stories about business “digging-in” and rethinking how they deliver their products to consumers, or how to redesign their product altogether. One example was about a much-loved local bakery that closed in-store services during their state’s stay-at-home order. This bakery pivoted well. In addition to offering pick-up and delivery items, the ingenious owner’s realized they could offer even more value to their consumers by teaching them to bake through an online learning course! This course generated a new revenue stream for the bakery and provided value to its customers while keeping the bakery top-of-mind while the population base is socially distancing. That is a home run in our book: gaining sales, creating value, and building brand loyalty in one fail swoop!

It is exciting to see how people can take this challenging time and turn it into a time for innovation. Also, just as exceptional is the generosity of time, resources, services, and products that people and companies have shared with their fellow workers. The list of free services from internet access, to coffee for front-line workers, to books for children, continues to grow. It truly warms our hearts! ❤️

These stories are bright-spots in this uncertain time, and we bring these ideas to you with encouragement. Are there ways that we can each rethink how we are offering our services or products? How can we work together to continue to connect through our physical limitations? One resource our team has embraced is utilizing online learning and video conferencing tools. In total transparency, these are tools we have been using for years. However, now we are rethinking how this technology can enhance our services and, more importantly, help our customers maintain and grow their businesses.

With that in mind, we found a free training series published by LinkedIn. It includes in-depth video training of several major online conferencing tools that can help you connect with your staff and clients fluidly in an online environment. We even learned new tricks and tips too!



We know that no one knows a business better than its owner, but sometimes changes in service delivery can create obstacles. Your Woodchuck Team would love to help you solve any technical limitations so you can also expand into new areas. Hopefully, as we grow, we all come out the other side of this pandemic stronger than ever!

Stay healthy!


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