Update Old Content For A Quick SEO Win! Part 2

We are back with part two of our Updating your Old Content for a Quick SEO Win series. Last week we covered how to display your last-updated date for both Google and your readers. This week we are diving into the nitty-gritty behind our content update strategy with five quick ideas of how to update your old content for improved search visibility!


1. Expand, improve, review the content

Review your content for areas to expand upon the information in your post. Look for ways to offer a new take on the content you have already cultivated. Are there recent innovations or industry updates to add? Now is also the time to review your work for grammar or spelling errors carefully. Neither Google nor your readers find credibility in publications with basic mistakes.

2. Spruce up your title

Your title might be the most vital piece of your post. It is the first thing your reader will see and is ultimately the reason they select your article for review. The more you can grab people’s attention and entice them to click on your link, the better you will rank overall in Google search. Google considers your click-through-rate when assigning search rank. Click-through-rate is the ratio of people who select your link compared to the number of people who view it. Spending extra energy on developing a great title is absolutely time well spent.

3. Linking

When updating your content, it makes sense to start with removing broken/bad links followed by adding new external and internal links.

Bad or broken links within your content will quickly frustrate your reader and reduce the time spent on your site. Google also takes issue with broken links within your copy. According to SEOPressor.com, “When Google Spiders detected too many 404 error pages, your website’s value will decrease from the search engines’ perspective.” Several tools help locate broken links. We tested brokenlinkcheck.com; it’s an awesome free option to help start your link review process.

After you’ve ensured your links work correctly, it is time to add new links to high ranking content on Google. It should be a relatively easy task since there will be plenty of new content available since you initially created your material. Also, think about adding internal links to your other content. Connecting your users to your additional content is encouraged by Google and appreciated by your readers!

4. Media

Freshen up your images and add more! Experts suggest that you add an image every 350 words. If you have access to different kinds of media beyond imagery (video, audio, PDF links, etc.), work those in as well.

5. Share it…again!

Since you invested in upgrading your previous content, it is a natural step to carry your work over to social media. Slice your refreshed content up into bite-size pieces and create some current imagery to post on your social platforms. Your followers will love the fresh look and perspective!

While you’re working on your site, think about adding share buttons. Social media share buttons encourage more social action! Did you know that posts with share buttons are seven times more likely to be shared? And Google gives rank boosts to posts shared on social media platforms. Wow, right?

Taking time to update your current content can quickly double your content creation efforts. If you continue to create excellent content and keep your previous work fresh, you can increase your exposure and hopefully, your rankings.😊


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