CTR Matters For SEO And SEM


CTR stands for Click-Through Rate, and it specifically applies to search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) results. Click-through rate is the percentage of times a user clicks on your Google search result (for SEO) or paid ad (for SEM) in comparison to how many people see the result. So, if 100 people see your link on Google search and one person clicks the link to your website, you have a 1% CTR.

Your CTR is thought to considerably impact your Google search results and the cost of your Google ads. According to Wordstream.com, your CTR directly affects SEO ranking. In a recent blog post, Wordstream.com stated: “In fact, we’ve found evidence that if you want to move up a spot in the rankings, improving your organic CTR by 3% will do it.” Additionally, it can be an indicator of overall performance, as said in an article from Moz.com: “… low CTRs typically also lead to low conversion rates—this is true for both organic and paid search.” Simply said, if people don’t click on your search link on Google, they are also unlikely to purchase your products.

Even if a high CTR didn’t affect your SEO results, it is still a no brainer to improve! High CTR means higher traffic to your website, and isn’t that the overall goal anyways? The next natural question is, of course, how do you do that? One easy step is to use this formula from Larry Kim at Wordstream.com to construct your page titles: The Format – The Emotional Hook – The Content-Type – Your Subject. You can see more detail about this formula in tip six on the infographic below. Just this one change can make the difference between visitors clicking on your organic link or paid ad, or scrolling to the next search listing option. If you’d like to take your CTR to the next level, Larry Kim of Wordstream and Brian Dean of Backlinko.com have created this awesome infographic detailing eleven simple hacks to improve your SEO or SEM click-through rates! Enjoy!


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