3 NEW Tools for a Modern Biz


We have compiled a list of new tools that we came across that we want to share! They seem like they could help businesses, especially in this age of technology. It is so fun to see what all of these innovative people and companies have developed.

1. quicc.io

This new web-based app creates captions for your videos! It only takes a few minutes for quicc.o to embed the captions to your video. It can create captions for 11 different languages. This new product could benefit videos posted to social media since so many people have the sound off while viewing. It says it has a 90% accuracy and gives you 10 minutes free when you sign up. They have several packages depending on your needs, but they have a free version where you get two minutes of video captioning per month. Quicc.io is a great new tool for a world that values video so much!

2. fireflies.ai

This new tool records and transcribes calls that you can store in your CRM. You can then search calls and find the part of the conversation where you need clarification. It integrates with many different platforms such as Zoho, Salesforce, Slack, and many more. We can think of many uses for this tool, but one of fireflies.ai examples is for Sales Reps. The following benefits are listed on their website:

  • How Do Sales Reps Use Fireflies
  • Automate CRM data entry
  • Recall information before follow up meetings
  • Make hand offs easier
  • Create tasks and follow ups faster

They have a few pricing plans, including free and custom options. Fireflies.ai appears to be a valuable tool for clear communication, but make sure everyone knows they will be recorded!

3. detoxify.app

Detoxify is a cool concept designed to help create better habits! The creators have explained it better than we can on producthunt.com,

“Our app enables you to generate fake apps which looks exactly like your addictive apps. Once you replace your apps with the fake ones, every time you open them, you’ll be faced with an screen that congrats you on getting detoxified. After a while, you’ll get detoxified by un-learning the habit of opening addictive apps randomly all the time.”

This product appears to be free and can probably help a lot of people improve their productivity!


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