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Get a Fresh Look This Fall

For many, especially those of us with kids going back to school, fall feels like a new beginning. It seems like a great time to see what the rest of 2019 is going to bring for design trends in case you want to make any changes or freshen anything up. Below are three things design trends that we think are interesting!

Trend #1 – Minimalist with Color

This is best explained with images, but in a nutshell, instead of having a lot of white space, you have a lot of color space! This allows the design to pop and remain simple. Often if you have a lot of color and too much imagery or text, it can be hard on your eyes. The designs below are great examples of this concept done well.

Trend #2 – Rich texture

Beautiful, deep textures seem to be a trend popping up this fall. They look especially stunning on a simple background.

Trend #3 – Pantone Fall Colors

Every season Pantone designates what it believes are the hottest colors of the season. What are they seeing for fall 2019? See below! If you would like the actual color codes, click here!


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