2019 Social Media Tips

At the beginning of this week, we attended a marketing and social media conference. There were several great speakers on the agenda, but we were extra excited about this learning opportunity because Gary Vaynerchuck was speaking. If you have not heard of Gary V and are interested in improving your social media, he is the best in business! Gary built a 200 million dollar company that provides social media management. He has several books and a podcast you can access to learn social media strategies. Along with our excitement about seeing our business idol in person, we had fun learning great tips from the conference that we are excited to share with you! We don’t want to overwhelm you, so we are starting with three suggestions to improve your social media.

1. Reshare social media posts that perform well.

It is okay to repeat posts if they have performed well and you can tell that they resonate with your audience. This will help ensure more people see your message. According to Buffer.com, “The reality is that people usually don’t see all the new posts when they visit Instagram. A study by Instagram themselves found that before the algorithm, on average, users missed 70 percent of the posts on their feeds and 50 percent of the posts from their friends.” Facebook’s percentage of how many people will see your posts seems to be even lower. Even if users do see your post, they most likely aren’t going to get annoyed if you repost. We are used to seeing the same commercials played several times, social media posts aren’t that much different. If they don’t want to see the post again, they will just scroll on. That being said, if you repeat posts that do not resonate with your audience your feed will be full of posts that don’t provide value, and this may cause you to lose followers. Make sure you only repeat posts that people enjoy.

2. Send social media content to your followers in a direct message.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s team shared this great tip! Although Gary has a social media team of several people, he sends 75 followers a direct message of his post whenever he adds content on a platform. Why? People who receive direct messages are more likely to see the content and, if they like it, they can share it. When someone shares a social media post it tells the platform you are sharing on that the post is valuable. This will trigger the platform algorithm to allow more people to see the post, increasing your audience and hopefully generating more shares. Direct messages also increase the chance that someone will give you feedback about your post. Direct feedback could help provide insight on how the post could be improved if needed.

3. Test your social media message by selling or talking to potential clients face-to-face.

There are times when you post about your product or service on social media and no one seems to care. You ask yourself, is it my writing, images, product or service? By actually talking to people in person, you can get a good gauge on what makes sense to them and what doesn’t. This is such a simple, yet brilliant tip! If conversations with potential clients seem to go well in person, maybe it’s your images or writing that needs tweaked in your posts. Talking to people in real life can really help you craft your message so that you are better able to communicate online.


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