Your Brand Is More Than Your Logo


When you think of your favorite companies, their logo is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But what do you know about their brand? Probably more than you realize! Brand is a buzzword we hear a lot, but it is important that you understand what it really means.

A logo is a way to visually identify a company, but a brand is much more. A brand is every detail of a company that includes the customer service, the team, communication strategies, the values and the company’s voice. It’s the entire customer experience. A brand is the emotion that someone feels when they interact at each level of an organization.

“A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.”

Marty Neumeier, Author

A company’s brand is not to be confused with their branding! Branding is the actual process of utilizing various methods to relay your brand message to customers. This process helps to gain awareness, build the connection, and encourage them to buy-in to a consistent experience with your brand. Too often the words are used interchangeably and they are not the same thing. Think of your brand as an emotion and branding your business as the method to elicit that emotion!

So why is your company brand so important? Creating a successful and engaging brand requires the right strategy, positioning, marketing and messaging to appeal to your company’s target market. In the end, it’s what people feel and think about your company that impacts the success of your business. It’s an intricate combination of experiences that make your customers invest in your company. Would you rather purchase from a business that believes in something or one that just has a well-designed logo? If customers don’t believe in your brand, or share that connection through your vision and values, they won’t be customers for long.

What does a successful brand look like in action? A great example of a well-known brand is Red Bull. When you visit this site, it isn’t an image of their product. It’s cliff diving, wingsuit divers, and travel adventures you can’t miss! Their product is actually the last thing on their menu. When you open the page, and perhaps spend far too much time watching their videos for “research,” you realize the emotions that are stirred up! It’s a feeling of euphoria (or maybe more intelligent people would say complete insanity) and you are drawn to it. You can sense their company’s voice, their culture, and probably even what their employees might be like. So even after all the “research,” you still might not know which flavors Red Bull offers, but you know they value adventure for sure! Your brand is a critical piece to your successful business. It will ultimately be formed by your customers through your branding efforts. Customers want to invest in things they believe in and can trust. So, although a well-designed logo is important to your business, your brand goes much deeper. Make sure you understand it and give it the reflection it requires.


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