Hosting companies frequently offer great deals at rock bottom pricing for their basic website hosting plans, but are you really getting a deal with this type of service? And do you want to be the person dealing with a problem when it arises? We have listed 5 things to think about before you choose your hosting service provider and start managing your own hosting account.


Most bargain hosting services (like Bluehost share hosting for $3.95 per month) do not protect you from site hacks, provide extra security, or help you clean up the mess if something goes wrong. They will, however, shut your account down, including your website files and any hosted emails, until you have fixed the hacking issue. Your account will stay offline the entire time you or another professional (which is most likely) are working to remove and repair the hacked files. This can be an extremely long and daunting process, even for professionals. If you can’t tell the difference between PHP and JavaScript, this could feel like climbing Everest.


Most hosting companies do not manage your site files or database health. It is important to perform regular updates to avoid hacks, but it can be easily overlooked. The WordPress platform, themes and plugins need to be regularly updated. It is not typically a complicated process. Often this is accomplished with the click of a button, but there are times where updates can go wrong. You may need to update a purchase license or there could be a code conflict. On the off chance that an update goes wrong, your hosting company will most likely not support you without additional charges.


If you manage your own hosting account, you are the person that has to reach out to the hosting company if something goes wrong. With larger services providers, you may end up speaking with 1-5 people within the same phone call. All the while you are at the mercy of their skill set and attitude. We have a saying about large hosting company’s technical support: If you don’t like their answer, hang up and call back. Different technicians will give you different responses. This can take a ton of time and cause a lot of frustration…your bar tab may just increase in direct correlation to these phone calls.


With so many emails flooding your inbox, sometimes it’s easy to overlook a renewal reminder. On the rare occasion that this happens and unfortunately a renewal deadline has been missed, you can be in big trouble. Your accounts will then be shut down. If you would like to recover your account and site files, account restoration services are available at astronomical costs and sometimes not at all. If you have a hosting manager, like Woodchuck, they are responsible for keep your account up to date so that you don’t have to!


When you manage your own hosting you are responsible for any add-on services like SSL certificates, server capacity, email management and more. These services can cost you time, function, credibility and security if they are not managed properly. It can be time-consuming to learn about all of these add-on services and you may be paying for things you don’t need. Just call Woodchuck! 🙂


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