5 Reasons You Should be Using WordPress

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There are a few organizations that we could agree can be considered successful and leaders in their industries. The Walt Disney Company, The New Yorker, Sony Music, and The White House (just the House, not the political party that occupies it—now or ever—) are all organizations that clearly have an effective business strategy.

So, what is one thing these successful, well-known institutions all have in common? There is probably an obvious ‘mouse in their house’ joke in there somewhere, but for purposes of this newsletter, the answer is WordPress!

WordPress is software that is designed to create any kind of website. From a simple blog on cats, to the aforementioned organizations, to The Rolling Stones, WordPress is quickly becoming the go-to for website development and design.

So just because ‘the cool kids’ are using it, does that mean you should too? Woodchuck utilizes WordPress and here are the top 5 reasons why you should too!


Many organizations hire designers to develop their website but then are left with the task of keeping the site current and updated. The beauty of WordPress is that it is simple to update and make changes to text and images. This allows clients to easily perform updates without paying for additional development time.


Website speed and responsiveness for mobile devices are critical to good SEO and WordPress has both of those bases covered! WordPress’ core is automatically designed to be well-optimized for search engines. This allows developers to build from this foundation to cultivate even better SEO.


When WordPress was first created, a primary criticism was it offered poor security. This has been proven as a misplaced fear. When you utilize a qualified developer, the site’s security can be constructed to be hack-proof.


By using a CMS like WordPress that has been around for some time, you gain a few benefits. It has been extensively tested and there is a large community in place that offers a depth of knowledge and support that you can’t get with other platforms. Since it is open-source, everyone can use, alter and share the code. This just builds the strength of the platform through tried and true methods.


A plug-in is a piece of software that can add varying functions to your website. With WordPress plug-ins, your site’s functionality can include anything from eCommerce to turning images into puzzles. Any function that you can think of that you would like on your site can usually be added by a plug in.

Utilizing WordPress to develop your website gives the potential for a highly professional site that is easily maintained. But don’t just take our word for it! According to kinshasa.com, over 32% of all websites use WordPress and that number is continuously growing. See WordPress in action on these popular sites:

As you can see, WordPress is a reputable solution to website creation. There are numerous benefits to using the software that can help to construct a well-designed, useful and safe website. Need help with WordPress or any of your website design needs? Contact us. We know a thing or two because we have designed a thing or two!


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