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As busy business owners, we know how important streamlining and organization are to your company! We ❤️ when someone suggests a new tool we haven’t stumbled across that helps us maintain and grow our work. This week, we thought we would return that favor by sharing a couple of tools that the team at Woodchuck utilizes on a regular basis!


Wetransfer.com is an awesome tool if you need to send large or multiple files. It’s as easy as loading the website, adding your email address and the recipient’s email address, and attaching your files. Yep! It really is that simple! And best of all, transferring up to 2G at a time is free. If you need to transfer even more files, you can sign up for Transfer plus for as little as $10 per month.


Dropbox is another super useful tool to share and store files. Whether you are looking for a place to store your personal photos or for a virtual server for your company’s file sharing system, this is an excellent service. It is accessible online, as a synced program on your computer with offline access, or an app on your phone. Dropbox even offers a file recovery option that allows you to restore deleted files, which can be a real lifesaver in a pinch. Individual users can store up to 2G on their free plan or 1T for $10 per month. Or if you are looking for lots of specialized features, they offer business plans as well.


Grammarly is a handy online tool for anyone that does content creation or really anyone who simply communicates with others on a regular basis! Grammarly works by checking your text for any number of writing issues such as spelling, grammar, subject-verb agreement, phonetic spelling mistakes and so much more! You can write with confidence knowing that Grammarly has your back. It’s a simple add-on that you install and it works on any text field you type in. Honestly, the best part is, you get a weekly report that compares your writing talent and productivity with those of all other Grammarly users! Which, to someone who may or may not be super competitive, is really fun to see when you are more productive than 98% of the other users. The basic version is free, but they do offer a premium version that finds more complex corrections and even offers a plagiarism checker. That will run you just under $12/month if you pay annually. Well worth the cost if you aren’t clear that the words to, too, and two really are not interchangeable!

These are just a couple of the simple tools that our team uses to make our daily business a little easier. Afterall, we want more of our time available to focus on our amazing clients (yes, if you’re reading this, that’s you!)


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