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Landing Page Checklist | Creating Your Landing Page |  Woodchuck Arts


A landing page is used to present an offer and encourage your website visitors to accept an offer. While a landing page is connected to your website, it’s main purpose is to develop leads and make sales. Landing pages, in short increase your conversion rates.

A good landing page is designed to solve a problem that brought users to your site to begin with. Too often you lose conversions because a click sends a user to your homepage instead of a specific landing page that moves them into conversion. Here are 8 things to include in a landing page to ensure you are ready to convert users into purchasing customers!


Try to include favorable testimonials or endorsements from customers. Share positive reviews from your social media that include a users profile name. Your site users can easily verify these reviews are legit and not paid for or made-up. Include logos of well-known brands you have worked with or any recognizable groups you are a member of or recognitions you have received. All of these are signs of trust and credibility encouraging conversions.


Did you know that you are 31.25 times more likely to win a prize in the Mega Millions than you are to click on a banner ad. Facts can be a great way to grab your user’s attention. Include interesting stats on your landing page to both inform and engage those potential customers.


Don’t let there be a question what the next step needs to be for your user. Creativity in verbiage may help on your buttons or your calls-to-action. Instead of “Learn More” maybe try “Design Better Landing Pages.” It should finish the sentence “I want to…” Make it enticing and inviting.


Colors elicit emotion. When choosing a color scheme, the colors should align with your site’s theme. When used correctly, color can be an integral part of producing conversions. We love this chart from Wordstream that shows very recognizable names and the colors they utilize for their branding. I am finally excited to know why I find Oreos so trustworthy!

Landing Page Checklist | Creating Your Landing Page |  Woodchuck Arts


Do you have promises you can make and KEEP? Guarantees or promises can help to elicit conversions. Can you guarantee an outcome that is beneficial to your consumer? Then state it! Especially if it is unique to your industry. This can also help to build consumer confidence in your brand.


Video is everything these days, in both social media and on your landing pages. It engages your site visitors and ideally moves them towards the end-game goal of conversions in a highly engaging way.


Ensure that your site’s layout is designed effectively to provide ‘clues’ to the user on what their next steps should be. These can be as obvious as arrows or as subtle as line of sight. People will automatically follow the line of sight of people or animals in images to see what they are looking at. Utilize that to your benefit by strategically placing the line of sight to draw attention to the desired action, like signing up for your email.

Here is a great example of line-of-sight from a Usable World study. The images show a heat map study on a landing page for diapers. The first image shows the baby’s face is the draw for the line of sight. The second image shows how the baby’s change in position draws the user to look where the baby is looking and read the text as well.


We’ve made this point several times before, but it’s worth repeating. Don’t be afraid of whitespace! Clutter can be very distracting and draw users away from converting. Keep your landing page simple and clean with whitespace to avoid a messy, overwhelming space. Think minimalism! Provide the information needed to encourage conversions but nothing extra.

A well-designed landing page can make all the difference in making a sale and gathering leads. Don’t make common mistakes that turn your users away. With a few adjustments and adhering to the above guidelines, you are well on your way to securing great sales! Now I’ve got some banner ads to click on because that lottery thing does NOT seem to be working out.


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