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5 Creative Interactive Websites

As designers, creativity is an enormous part of who we are.

When we are able to “unleash’ our creative sides, the sky is the limit on where we can take a project. We also get pretty geeked out on other people’s creativity! Thankfully, the internet is full of creative individuals (on so many levels)! This week, we wanted to discuss interactive websites to show how design really is only limited by your imagination!

When we started digging, it was surprising how hard it was to find 5 interactive websites that we actually thought were good enough to highlight. Many sites were way too complicated, too slow and cumbersome, or didn’t demonstrate a clear purpose (having a skilled designer is a BIG part of interactive designs…and we know a few 😉).

If you are going to create an interactive website, you need to keep it very simple or it could become overwhelming to the user. Be clever but clear. It’s also good to have traditional navigation to get to the relevant information.

Many interactive sites are not mobile friendly either. Most users are accessing websites from their phones or tablets so a site that isn’t mobile friendly is deadly. That being said, it’s still fun to see the creativity of some web designers and developers! Take a minute and check out these sites, we promise, they’re worth a look!

#1 Polish Christmas

What a fun way to learn about Polish Christmas traditions! This interactive site is simple yet interesting. You can scroll through horizontally and vertically while St. Nicholas takes a nice stroll through the landscape. It’s very obvious what the site is about and where to click to learn about the different traditions. The audio is a nice touch without being overpowering. It does not perform well on mobile although they do warn you when you access it from your phone.

#2 Checkov with Google

This site demonstrates a cool way to present a questionnaire! The dual screen is awesome and it is very easy to read and to understand how to take the quiz. The bold colors are really inviting and the purpose of the website is clear. The mobile version is also really well designed and easy to navigate. Who wants to make a questionnaire?

#3 The World of Unknown Critters

This kids site about mythical creatures from around the world it’s really fun! It has gorgeous graphics but is simple enough to easily navigate. The complete experience of this site is only available on a desktop.

#4 Radio Garden

This website is amazing! You can click on various places around the world and it plays live streams from different radio stations. There is a lot of American music out there! It would not play on mobile, but what a neat concept!

#5 Pete Nottage

This is a great portfolio site that is simple, fun, and really well written! The site loads quickly and functions well on mobile!
Interactive websites like these are not a great fit for every organization, but when you really want to make a dynamic impression, they’re a fun way to increase brand awareness. The rich visual picture they paint tells a memorable story that stands out among competitors. After all, as a famous Dr. once said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Thinking of a new interactive site? Have an example to share? We are all ears!


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