3 Design Trends for 2019

2019 Designs

As designers, we are always researching and working with the latest and greatest in design trends. The New Year always brings new elements and movement in our industry. And there is never a shortage of surprises! Here’s a quick look at three of 2019’s interesting design trends to keep you current in that next project.


Clean large type was the trend in 2018. Will it continue this year? Not according to several design sources. Research is showing the new hot fonts will be traditional serif fonts like Bookman, Garamond, Times New Roman, etc. Mailchimp recently redesigned their site with a traditional serif which is not what we have been seeing in the past two years. This got us wondering if serif’s were coming back, and it seems that may be the case.


Back to Mailchimp! We weren’t loving their new website when it was launched, we like the one old! But, now we can see how they are incorporating new trends and one of these is custom illustration. Custom Illustration can really give design a warm, personal feeling. Here are some great examples of this new trend!


Despite the Pantone color of 2019 being Living Coral, we have seen several different sources say that blue, specifically cobalt blue, will be the hot new color of 2019. One thing we know – the colors are going to be bold. Cobalt blue and living coral together would be a very bold combo…

Trying new things and implementing new trends might seem a little daunting to some, but the great news is that the team at Woodchuck loves incorporating new fun looks into your design projects! Loving some of these new looks? Let us know because we’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.


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