Facebook Ads Imagery

Images Speak Volumes

In continuing our Facebook Ads series, the next two steps in constructing your ad are the topic selection and image creation. These both play a big part in the success of your ad campaign and put you well on your way to the final step of writing your ad, which will be your final step.

What’s the point?

Selecting your topic is pretty straightforward and if you have followed the previous two steps, you most likely have this in place already. Just make sure that your targeted audience and objectives are a good fit. If you selected a target audience of males in the manufacturing industry, your ad for selling you’re My Little Unicorn purses might not be the best topic for ad success.

A picture is worth…everything?

Arguably the most important point of developing a Facebook Ad is imagery. A study by Consumer Acquisition notes that your imagery is responsible for 75-90% of your ad’s performance. If you remember in the 5 steps that Facebook suggests for creating an ad, writing your copy falls BELOW choosing an image. The image drives the ad. There are different approaches that can be taken to produce a winning image for an ad. Try something fun and simple with a plain background and a pop of contrasting color which will surely get noticed in the feed. Like the example on the right from Litmus.


Sell it!

Utilize a photo carousel like the always successful Nike. This shows your product variety and can solidify a sale even before a user visits your website.

Keep it Simple!

Another option could be an extremely simple design that grabs immediate attention like this example from Zendesk.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

We hear you saying, “So tell me Woodchuck, what are the most important, basic, overall best practices to keep in mind when choosing imagery for our Facebook Ads?” Glad you asked!

  • Keep your in-image copy short to ensure you reach a full audience and adhere to Facebook’s guidelines. There are several tools you can use to test this, but you can go right to the source and upload your image with Facebook’s image/text check.
  • Of course, sizing is important when posting your ad on Facebook. Ensure your image is 1200 x 628 pixels, otherwise, it will get cropped.
  • Make your ad unique, but consistent with your brand. You want to compliment your landing pages where you are sending potential customers.
  • Include a call to action or a clear, visible offer. Engage and convert!
  • Utilize A/B Testing to see what’s working and what isn’t! It may be stating the obvious, but know your target audience and focus on what’s working!

Love it or hate it, Facebook can be a very effective tool in your marketing strategy. Creating ads doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task if you take the time to plan and prepare. Of course, there is always the design team at Woodchuck to help you navigate those murky waters. In fact, we might actually make it fun for you! Who are we kidding, it’s ALWAYS more fun with Woodchuck!


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