Let’s Look at Logos

What makes a good logo?

As a design company, we would love to tell you that a perfectly designed logo will magically improve your business, but we also like to tell the truth. Logos are subjective and your business will succeed based on the quality of your company.

Coca-Cola, Apple, and Google are not great companies because they have amazing logos. We recognize their logos because of their services and products.

Even though your logo might not make or break your business, you still want it to professionally represent your company. Your logo is the beginning of your entire brand. All of your marketing efforts will revolve around this first piece of artwork. A well-designed logo can show your customers and potential customers that you care about quality.

Here are some really bad logos via todayslocalmedia.com. They did not work for their businesses, but they sure did make us laugh.

Build a quality logo but don’t panic about making it perfect, because logos do evolve. That being said please start out with something professional. You can see below how some icon brands have changed over time.

The iconic apple from 1977 that we know today has barely changed. Some basic color and bevel effects have changed, but the basic idea of it has remained the same.

Nike and Google are perfect examples of timeless logos that haven’t needed much modification.

The vast difference between the 1943 and today’s NBC logo is very interesting. Most companies only slightly change their original logo to reflect current industry changes or design trends. NBC’s last version has certainly lasted the longest and stands the test of time.

It’s a good thing Pepsi evolved to a simpler and easier to read font.

There are two basic things that make a good logo:

Accurate Representation

The logo you create should represent your company. For example, you would not use something like the Tostitos logo for a bank. Tostitos is known for being a tasty snack at parties. Banks are typically not fun. Well, maybe if you have a lot of money…


Simple logos seem to work best because they are easily recognizable and can stand the test of time. They also generally look good on multiple platforms.

We are frequently asked how we came up with our logo and name. We agonized over it and then we came to the conclusion that names don’t mean anything, until they do…Think about it, one of the world’s biggest computer companies is named Apple. That seems normal to us today because we are so familiar with the brand. After a lot of struggling, we landed on Woodchuck because we think it’s hilarious. We had a Pennsylvania location, which is known for groundhogs (A.K.A. woodchucks), and we love Chuck Norris jokes and memes. Our name represents our company, we like to laugh and we will chip away at something until it’s done!

If you’re thinking of a new logo or just a refresh on your current one, the team at Woodchuck is ready to help!


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