Google Analytics Exit Rates & Channels

The choice is up to you!

As we see it, you face choices virtually every minute of every day. Sometimes they’re fun choices like what book to read, what rodent to pick for your logo, or what you’ll have for dinner. 

Other times, it isn’t so much fun and the choice isn’t so obvious! When you are sifting through your Google Analytics, choosing which metrics to compare, study, and scrutinize can be overwhelming. This week, we wanted to dive a little deeper into a few of the basic metrics that we feel are important so you can choose your reporting data with a little more confidence.


A metric we address often for clients is CHANNELS. Channels are the methods that visitors utilize to reach your site. This data is helpful for efforts that direct traffic to the site through linking, social media, paid advertising and keyword searches.

Direct traffic comes from a direct use of your URL, clicks on a bookmark, link click from an email, clicks through a PDF or XLSX document, or clicks in a mobile app. This is also where Google ‘lumps’ the unknown traffic when it can’t identify where the user has come from.

  • User types in a URL 
  • User clicks on a bookmark
  • User clicks on a link in an e-mail from Outlook or Thunderbird or similar desktop software
  • User clicks on a link in Skype or other desktop messengers
  • User clicks on a link in a PDF, DocX, ODF, XLSX or a different type of document


Organic traffic comes from users typing
keywords into a search engine and then
finding your site.

Social traffic is anything that is a result
of users landing on your site from one of
your social platforms.

Referral traffic is a result of users clicking
on a link in another website that directs
them to your site.

Paid Search
Paid Search traffic comes from click
through ads such as Google Ads.


A few weeks ago, we discussed Bounce Rates in Google Analytics. We know you have been waiting ever so patiently for our explanation on the difference between Bounce Rate and Exit Rate. Wait no more! 🎉 As we covered before, bounce rates are ‘one and done’ on your website. Be it a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ bounce, that was the only page visited on your site. Exit Rate is different from Bounce in that Exit Pages are the pages visitors leave from if they have visited more than one page on the website. Ideally, if your site is well constructed, your exit rate will be high on the pages that either lead to further contact or to conversions. Focus on Bounce Rates for overall user engagement with your pages and utilize Exit Rates to determine which pages are responsible for users leaving your site. Phew!


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