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It’s something we have all done. You are looking for a recommendation for a new product or service so you take to the internet for a quick Google search. In fact, according to Calldrip, 97% of customers read online reviews before they decide to make a purchase. Customers will spend more money on your business if it is well reviewed.

That’s really quite exciting, but what does that mean to you? It means the best time to start gathering customer reviews was 5 years ago, the second-best time is now! Thanks to our online social world, that process has now become even easier!

In August, Facebook changed the way it allows users to give ‘reviews’ to businesses. They now are called Recommendations and it is as simple as checking yes or no! Facebook is no longer collecting ‘star recommendations’ based on your experience with a business or service. Now you simply select whether or not you would recommend the business. Why is this newsletter worthy? Because there are a couple of cool bonuses that this new method gives your business on Facebook.

1. TAGS:

With the new system, when a customer is leaving their recommendation, they are able to select a pre-generated tag that highlights the best features provided by your business. So, for example, when you leave your review for Woodchuck Arts, Facebook will ask you what you recommend about Woodchuck. You can select a tag like “Best Newsletters,” or “Best Designers Ever” just as some hypotheticals. The capability to tag works basically like the hashtag, and they are auto-generated based on what type of business you are reviewing.


You have no doubt seen friends or family asking for recommendations for businesses or services on Facebook. The great thing about the new Recommendations system is that when someone recommends your business in one of these posts, it will also appear on your page for everyone to see. This methodology allows Facebook to show recommendations provided by the closest friends which garners greater trust and drives the user towards a purchasing decision.


So many aspects of our world are visual, and now Facebook Recommendations is no different. You now have the option to post gifs or photos with your recommendation. And you guessed it, these photos will show in the Recommendation section of your Facebook Page.


Goodbye Reviews, Hello Recommendations!

There are a couple of important things that you need to know before you log into your Facebook Page to start reading all of your stellar recommendations​:


  • You need to ensure that recommendations are turned on for your business page. This is a simple add once on your Facebook Page.Click Settings>Templates and Tabs> Reviews>Settings.  Click on the slider to turn it on and hit Save!
  • If you already had reviews turned on, they will be converted to recommendations based on the review and will continue to show. There is no loss of all those 5-star ratings you already have in place.
  • Don’t worry about negative/spam recommendations. First, they will happen at some point to everyone. You can report recommendations that don’t follow Facebook Standards and they can potentially be removed. If you choose to respond (and you should), keep it professional, polite, and give a method to take the discussion offline.

This streamlined recommendation process makes leaving an endorsement a lot easier for users. An easier process means the increased probability that customers will take the time to give you that recommendation of an emphatic YES that we know all our clients deserve!

With that being said, won’t you take a moment and head on over to Woodchuck’s Facebook Page and leave us a big YES? Simply click on “Reviews” on the right-hand column, and select Yes, you would recommend Woodchuck. If you are going to select No, then click on this link for our competitor instead (just kidding, there’s no link). The best part about leaving us a recommendation, is now you can go make the ask to your client base too and you’ll know exactly how it’s done! Winner winner woodchuck dinner!


The incredible thing about the internet is that we can work anywhere! Woodchuck Arts is geo-located in Newark, Ohio, Caledonia, MI and Toledo, OH. We serve clients from Seattle, Washington, to Washington D.C.

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