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Facebook Ads #1

Do you remember what advertising was like before Facebook?

Wait, there was advertising before Facebook? More than 1 billion people on average log into Facebook every day. That means it doesn’t matter if there were ads before Facebook. It’s here now and it’s a part of our world, and that’s an advertising market you don’t want to miss.

As a business, maybe you have fully embraced the social media market leader and are utilizing its advertising capabilities to its fullest potential. Or maybe you are scared to death. Either way, Woodchuck is here to help you (insert trumpeting horns here)!

Over the next few weeks, we will do a four-part series about creating and designing your Facebook Ads. We know, it’s not rocket science, but we hope to help you achieve explosive results! (Ah, see what we did there?!?)

Facebook Ads are conceptually an easy way to advertise your business. You simply find an audience, grab their attention, and then monitor the results right inside the platform. But doing it successfully is where the waters become a little murkier. Sadly, there are so many variables that come into play it can’t be classified as an exact science. From design to implementation, there is a lot that goes into advertising on the social media giant.

To try and help, we wanted to take a 30,000-foot view of the major pieces of creating and designing your Facebook Ad, giving the advertising veterans a way of checking in on their campaigns and also encouraging newcomers with some starting points.

Where to start?

Facebook recommends the following guidelines when beginning an ad:

Identify your goal
Identify your audience
Select your topic
Select your image
Write the ad

As shown, the first and maybe obvious step is to identify your goal. Do you want to increase traffic to your website, gain Facebook followers, increase attendance to an event, or gain subscribers to your newsletter? It’s important you know exactly why you are advertising before proceeding. You will also want to make sure your goal is measurable. You need to know if your efforts are moving in the right direction or if you will need to make adjustments.

When you begin in Ads Manager, it is critical you then choose the objective that most closely matches your campaign goals. This objective will dictate your ad delivery and the options you have for bidding. Currently, there are three categories from which you can start: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Between these three main categories, you can further select from the following eleven objectives:

Brand Awareness: Reach people who will most likely be interested in your brand to increase awareness
Reach: Maximum amount of exposure for your ad
Traffic: Send people to places like your site or your app
Engagement: Get more page likes or event responses
App Installs: Have more people download your app
Video Views: Choose to get more video views

  • Lead Generation: Drive more sales leads from interested people
  • Messages: Have more user engagement on Messenger
  • Conversions: Drive more users to your website, app, or inside Messenger
  • Catalog Sales: Show ads based on items in your catalog targeted to your audience
  • Store Visits: Get more customers into your actual storefronts

Some of the choices are much more obvious than others. Some, like Traffic and Conversions, seem very similar at first glance. The good news is that if you are unsure which objective is the best fit, you can also try A/B testing for varying objectives. This will show you which method is giving you the best results towards reaching your goals in your ad campaign.

Giving some time and thought to this first step will make selections inside the Ads Manager easier when choosing your objectives. When you are confident in your goals, Facebook Ads Manager will give you the right tools to achieve them.

After all, with 1 billion people per day logging in, isn’t it worth a little time and preparation?


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